Oklahoma State Marching Band
Screengrab via YouTube

See the Oklahoma State Cowboy Marching Band's 2017 Garth Brooks Tribute


The Oklahoma State University Cowboy Marching Band has been active since 1905, but they really had a show stopping performance in 2017 when the school's team played a football game against Baylor. During that halftime show, The Cowboy Marching Band honored famous alumnus Garth Brooks with a medley of his biggest hits.

The OSU band's three-song medley included "Rodeo," "Papa Loves Mama" and show-closing crowd-pleaser "Friends in Low Places." They even spelled out Brooks' name in cursive and, at a key moment in the final song's sing-along chorus, formed the word "Oasis."

Brooks attended OSU as a student-athlete, throwing javelin as a scholarship member of the track and field team. During his time as a student in Stillwater, Brooks lived with fellow country singer Ty England. After graduating in 1984 with an advertising degree, Brooks has had one of the most lucrative popular music careers of all time, becoming the pride of Oklahoma and one of his alma mater's most celebrated members of the alumni association. 

He remains a die-hard Oklahoma State Cowboys fan, making him the most visible Oklahoma State supporter aside from the school's lone Heisman Trophy winner, Barry Sanders. Can you imagine being an OSU student and attending the same gameday as the country music superstar at Boone Pickens Stadium? 

Oklahoma State sports became a family tradition in 2010, when Brooks' oldest daughter Taylor joined the women's soccer team.

As for the Cowboys, they climbed to the top 10 in that 2017 season following a 59-16 homecoming win over Baylor. Do we think the OSU Cowboy Marching Band had something to do with that success? You can only assume it's hard not to get pumped up with such a talented group of students playing not only the school fight song but all those classic Garth Brooks songs. Go Pokes!

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