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Was Travis Kelce's Pre-Game Wardrobe a Nod to Taylor Swift's 'Anti-Hero' Look?

Kelce's look is so 'Midnights'-coded.

It's no secret that when people start dating, their styles sometimes begin to merge, but is that what's happening with Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift? Kelce touched down in Buffalo, N.Y. on Saturday before the Kansas City Chiefs-Buffalo Bills game wearing an outfit some fans think may be inspired by Swift. The outfit included a mustard yellow suit with a turtleneck sweater featuring horizontal stripes in various colors. The Chiefs' official social media accounts shared a video of Kelce in the outfit, and Swift fans caught a resemblance between it and an outfit Swift wears in her "Anti-Hero" music video.

At one point in the music video, Swift dons a horizontally striped sweater with mustard yellow pants. The colors aren't identical, but one might agree that the general vibe of the outfit is the same. This connection didn't occur to Kelce's brother Jason Kelce, who wrote that Kelce looks like he's "auditioning for a new Wes Anderson film." But other fans in the replies did make the connection.

One fan wrote, "You look like midnight becomes your afternoon," using a lyric from the song. The fan also shared a screenshot of Swift wearing the outfit in the video.

Similarly, another fan wrote, "Travis kelce anti hero era," with the same photo of Swift.

Kelce is no stranger to experimenting with fashion, and he has debuted several unique looks during this football season alone. Whether Swift's style is influencing him, he's making a subtle nod to her music or the two just happen to make similar fashion choices is up for debate.

The Kansas City Chiefs took home a win over the Buffalo Bills at the Divisional Round game on Sunday, Jan. 21, with a score of 27 to 24. They will take on the Baltimore Ravens next Sunday, Jan. 28, in their hunt for Super Bowl qualification.

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