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This Gorgeous Houseboat is the Tiny Home of Your Dreams

Tiny homes are still all the rage after people decided that living with less square feet can help them live a more minimalist existence. This woodworking magician up in Canada has created an incredible tiny houseboat, and you won't believe how much he fit inside.

Just looking at the outside of the Le Koroc, has me thinking — who needs a full-size boat when you could have this sleek houseboat? The owner, Richard, set his floating home on three aluminum pontoons for optimal floating (it weighs 5,700 lbs). This is pretty much the most impressive DIY I've ever seen.

The boat uses solar panels and has a propane tank all hooked up to heat the water and gas stove. The living room transforms into a sleeping space so that you're able to really optimize the space. You have more room for your living space during the day and then, using the built-in table, you move the cushions around to make a bed. Genius.

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Of course, the homemade benches also have plenty of storage to maximize the small space. The kitchen is pretty spacious, complete with lovely wood block counters, a sink, propane stove and room for a high top table for two. The solar panels fully operate the mini fridge and LED lights.

Somehow, Richard even found space to fit a full bathroom with a toilet, sink, and shower. The woodworking even made its way into the bathroom with wood slat floors that allow the shower water to drain out. Based in Quebec, you're technically allowed to drain your grey water into the body of water your boat is on. But Richard wasn't into that. He created his own charcoal system to purify all of his used water before releasing it. Pretty cool.

The outdoor sun deck has a great view of the water and is perfect to lounge outside on a sunny day. But thinking of everything, Richard added a shade you can pull over yourself if it's too sunny.  You can tell that every inch of the house has been crafted with love. Watch the clip above for a tour inside this impressive boat.

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