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10 Tiny Homes You Can Buy on Amazon

The rise in tiny homeownership may not be a fad after all. More and more people are choosing to live small, and now these pint-sized abodes are even popping up in Amazon's inventory.

We've reported on the modular shipping container home from MODS International that can be found on Amazon, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. Some "tiny houses" are little more than fancy looking garden sheds, but there are actual functioning homes that you can buy, even if there's some assembly required.

Here are some of the coolest and most complete tiny house kits for sale from the online retailer Amazon.

Modern Tiny Home

This little tiny home looks like something out of Architectural Digest, but it will fit in your backyard! It could be a guest house or a garden house. With 180 square feet, it really doesn't take up much room at all. It's available here.

Eagle Point

This pre-fabricated tiny home is a two story cabin with a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room and loft with plenty of living space. It's a DIY cabin kit for $46,000, available here.

"Claudia" Cabin

This tiny cabin has one room that is ideal for a lake house or hunting lease. Bathroom fixtures can easily be installed, and it only costs $7,290. It's available here.

Ranger Kit Cabin

The Ranger Kit Cabin is available as a 259 square foot one story tiny home with an optional loft that would add 169 square feet. For $19,990, you get this adorable fully functional kit home complete with a front porch, ideal for a vacation getaway. It's available here.

Getaway Tiny Home

This home is truly tiny. At $18,800, it is 244 square feet including the loft, but how much more do you  really need? It's available here.

Timber Frame Cabin

Goshen Timber Frames is offering this 320-square-foot timber frame cabin on Amazon for $59,321. It has a surprisingly spacious kitchen and a sleeping loft. It's available here.

"Bella" Cabin

This 237 square foot cabin costs $17,800, even with the adorable wrap-around porch! It has a small kitchenette and bathroom. It's available here.

Tiny Home on Wheels

The prefabricated new home from Titan will run you about $51K fully outfitted and furnished. There is one bedroom, one bathroom and 399 square feet. It's available here.

Timberline Cabin

There are several different ways you can put together this 354 square foot tiny home from Allwood. It's the perfect solution for guests this holiday season. It starts at $34,900 and is available here.

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