You Can Now Buy a Shipping Container Home from Amazon

Tiny home lovers, rejoice! You can now buy an entire prefabricated tiny home off of Amazon.

The online retail giant known for selling pretty much everything has officially outdone themselves by offering up this quaint $36,000 tiny home built inside a shipping container.

This one is not Prime eligible, y’all. Shipping fees are in excess of $3,000, but it is a house, so that’s to be expected.

The home is built by MODS International, a modular construction company that creates homes and offices from shipping containers. MODS has been featured on HGTV, and from a look at their website, they’re highly versatile.

Image via Amazon
The prefab home being offered has a combination living and dining area. There’s also a kitchen with a sink, microwave and fridge, a bathroom and a bedroom with four bunk beds.

Image via Amazon
One reviewer mentioned that the container could be a fantastic hunting cabin if placed in the mountains, where it’s difficult to build.

Image via Amazon
The home also features french doors, but the entire container can be closed and locked for security purposes when you’re away.

You can also get tiny house kits on Amazon, but this ready-made home is already fully assembled. If this particular home seems a little too tiny for you, MODS will build you one with any square footage you like.

You can find out more about this unique home over at Amazon.

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You Can Now Buy a Shipping Container Home from Amazon