Wine Bottle Edging
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Upgrade Your Garden With Your Used Wine Bottles


There are endless DIY projects that involve old wine bottles but have you ever considered using them outside in the garden? Wine bottle edging around your flower bed is not only a good way to recycle the empty wine bottles, but a really cool idea for an aesthetically pleasing garden border. I bet you never thought about surrounding your garden bed with glass bottles, but it's a cool look! And will definitely give you a garden that stands out from the rest.

You really don't need much to create your own wine bottle garden edging. Obviously, you'll need to drink a lot of wine to have enough bottles (twist my arm) and you'll need a shovel and some water. And that's it! Just three things and you're in business.

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This video provides step-by-step instructions for the project.


First, you'll start by digging a trench around your garden for the wine bottle garden border. You'll need to make sure you have enough depth for the bottles to fit halfway into the earth facing down. This is a good project that the kids can help with since there isn't too much manual labor involving. Just a little digging and spending the time to place the wine bottles side by side all the way around the trench to create the bottle border.

Next, you'll put soil on either side of the empty bottles to make sure they can stand upright. Once you have the soil surrounding all of the bottles you'll need to make sure it is good and watered to make the soil more stable. And there you go! Not only were you able to repurpose all of those bottles but you created a low cost and easy DIY garden bed border. This project is so easy you could easily get the whole thing finished on a Saturday afternoon.

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