This Charming Mason Jar Bird Feeder is Perfect for Your Garden

We all enjoy a refreshing cup of water from a glass mason jar. Sometimes we even use their vintage look as decoration around the house for anything from a decorative item on a shelf to vases or wall storage. Just google "DIY mason jar craft," and you'll get endless possibilities of creative ways to use these jars that even come in various colors like clear or blue.

One of the more creative ideas with these glasses is allowing wild birds to enjoy them with this cute feeder. All you need is some birdseed to put together your own mason jar bird feeder, and your feathered friends will come calling.

mason jar feeder

This Mason Jar Hummingbird Feeder is a perfect addition to your lawn & garden with its appealing rustic look. The jar has a 25-ounce seed capacity which means it will keep those birds coming back for more every single time. Look for some other related products like a bird house or bird bath, and you'll have a little backyard bird oasis.

The jar bird feeder is embellished with flowers that sit on a circular perch, acting as the water source and feeding ports for your perky porch visitors. The smart design means you can easily add clean water to your feeder whenever necessary. You can get your own glass hummingbird feeder right now for just $22.32 with free shipping included.

If you really wanted to get creative and are a fan of DIY projects, you could buy your own mason or canning jars and create your own hanging bird feeder. You can find some great instructions for a DIY bird feeder here. You'll just need an antique mason jar style bottle to get started. If you didn't want to order online, you could round up some solid options from your local supply store.

This post was originally published on June 7, 2017. 

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This Charming Mason Jar Bird Feeder is Perfect for Your Garden