109 Year Old North Carolina Woman
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This 109-Year-Old North Carolina Woman Still Enjoys Her Friday Glass of Wine

Annie Wilson of Charlotte, North Carolina just celebrated her 109th birthday. Wilson is a native to Matthews where she grew up on her family's farm. Even after living such an incredibly long life (literally over a century), Wilson is feelin' good. So good in fact, her favorite day is Friday because that's the one day every week she gets to indulge in having one glass of wine.

The ninth of 10 children, she was no stranger to a little hard teamwork to keep the family functioning.

"We had a good time; we didn't know anything about being lonesome or bored," Wilson said. "We just stuck right there and did whatever was to do," Wilson tells WCNC. "I had to help my mother cook. I was the last girl to be at home all the other had gone so I was left with my mother and I helped her to cook."

Unfortunately, the 109-year-old woman doesn't have any secrets to making it to 109.

"So many people have asked me that, and I don't do anything special. I'm just livin'," she said. "Just livin'."

At 109 years old, Wilson has lived through many critical times in American history. She has seen the Great Depression, WWI and WWII, and the Civil Rights Era. Wilson has also lived during 19 different Presidents terms in the White House; everyone from Taft and JFK to Obama and Trump. If she has any great-great-grandchildren, I hope they are taking advantage of hearing all about the United States history first hand from Annie. She probably has some incredible stories.

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So Happy Birthday Annie Wilson! May you have many wine-filled Fridays in your future and lots of laughs with your friends and fellow residents at the Brookdale Carriage Club in Charlotte.

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