Couple Married 82 Years
Screengrab via YouTube/ WCNC-TV

This North Carolina Couple Just Celebrated 82 Years of Marriage and Shared Their Secret to Wedded Bliss


Finding the key to a lasting relationship is something that couples all over the world are constantly looking for. Is it making sacrifices, going to therapy, finding your true passion? It's probably different for everyone and there's not always a clear recipe for success. But if you're looking for a little inspiration and some words of wisdom, look no further than D.W. Williams (103 years old) and Willie Williams (100 years old), who have just celebrated 82 years of marriage together.

The North Carolina couple's daughter and granddaughter, BJ Williams-Greene, threw a party for the pair (who were also celebrating their birthdays) at First Mayfield Memorial Baptist Church in North Charlotte. Despite the many years that have gone by, the couple still remembers the first time they met.

There's a lot that's happened throughout the Williams marriage;  the Great Depression, the Civil Rights Movement and more. But their secret to a long-lasting marriage is still the same.

"I don't have no secret for that." The couple told WSOC-TV. "Just be nice to each other."


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But their granddaughter says there's actually a bit more to a happy marriage. She has spent years being inspired by her grandparents and has clearly carefully observed what worked for them. It's special that she was able to witness such a strong example every day while growing up.

"It's communication and loving each other and working together. They are each other's best friend," Williams-Greene told WSOC-TV.

When WSOC-TV asked the couple what they'd want to do if they had another 100 years together and they said they'd probably just hang around the house, which honestly is a great answer. After living through so many changes in the world, raising kids and having grandkids, you probably just want to kick back and relax and be together. 


WCNC-TV in Charlotte, N.C. also caught up with the couple earlier this month. Watch D.W. and Willie Williams in the video below and get some first-rate relationship advice.

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