Chyler Leigh and Sadie Laflamme-Snow in 'The Way Home'
Hallmark Media/Photographer: Peter Stranks

Meet New and Returning Cast Members for Season 2 of Hallmark Series ‘The Way Home’

The family drama is far from over.

After a climactic and gripping first season, the cast of "The Way Home," Hallmark's popular new family drama, is returning with a second installment on Jan. 21. 

The family-oriented time-traveling series captured the hearts of fans almost immediately. With nearly 7 million viewers, its premiere became the second-most-watched program on Sundays and the third-most-watched of the entire week. That's a big feat for Hallmark's first original series in nearly a decade!

Almost immediately after the first season ended in March 2023, "The Way Home" was greenlit for a second season.

The endearing family drama follows three generations of Landry women who are trying to find their ways back to each other after their family was mysteriously torn apart decades earlier. 

Their family secrets begin to unravel when Alice Landry (Sadie Laflamme-Snow), a teenager, learns she can time-travel by falling into the pond near the Landry estate. Alice's discovery drags both her mother, Katherine (Chyler Leigh), and her grandmother, Del (Andie MacDowell), into her adventures and their own family drama.

The second season is set to pick up directly after the events of the first and may offer some more insight into why or how Katherine's younger brother disappeared in 1999. But unexpected revelations about their origins may also raise new questions about their mystifying family past.

But who stars in this highly anticipated second season? Here's everything we know about the cast of the second season of "The Way Home."


Here are a few of the people who also make up the Landry's neighbors in the small Brunswick, Canada, town. 

  • Samora Smallwood landed the role as Monica Hill, Katherine's high school "frenemy" and current business owner. She has appeared in a number of short films and grabbed a few recurring roles in shows including "Token," "The Kings of Napa," "Good Witch" and "Star Trek: Discovery."
  • Monique Jasmine Paul plays the teenage version of Monica Hill. She secured a gig in the coming-of-age film "Soft" (2022) and the TV movie "Salt-N-Pepa" (2021) as well as small roles in the shows "The Kings of Napa" and "The Next Step." 
  • Nigel Whitmey secured the role of newspaper owner and Katherine's boss Byron Groff. The British-Canadian actor has racked up a number of small credits in film and television, and has voiced a number of video games including two "Battlefield" games and "Crysis Warhead."
  • Marnie McPhail-Diamond takes on the necessary role of Del's close and caring friend Rita Richards. She's been a Hollywood mainstay for decades and climbed to fame as Annie Edison in the popular series "The Edison Twins." Most recently, she starred in the film "Dream Scenario" (2023) alongside actor Nicolas Cage. 
  • Alex Mallari Jr. plays the local veterinarian in Port Haven, Dr. Andy Stafford. Though he has a long resumé, Mallari grabbed a role in the science fiction film "The Adam Project" (2022). He also earned some recurring roles in shows such as "Ginny & Georgia" and "Workin' Moms."
  • Kataem O'Connor landed the role of Alice's classmate and Monica's son Spencer Hill. Though young, he's already grabbed a significant role in the family drama series "Heartland" and some small roles in shows including "Save Me" and "Good Witch."

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