Reba McEntire performs on "The Voice"
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'The Voice': Reba McEntire Gets Emotional Performing 'Seven Minutes in Heaven' in Honor of Her Mom

As "The Voice" revealed the Top 9 singers Tuesday night, the audience and contestants got a treat from Reba McEntire in the form of a performance. The country legend — who has been hailed as the "Queen" all season — performed "Seven Minutes in Heaven" from her 2023 album, Not That Fancy. In the song, McEntire imagines getting seven minutes in heaven to talk to whoever she wants, and she spends them all talking to one particular loved one. The song is especially poignant for McEntire, as she lost her mom Jacqueline in 2020.

McEntire took the stage in front of a background of colorful autumn leaves while fog swirled below her feet. She stayed stationary but connected with the audience as she told the song's story about getting the chance to take a temporary trip to heaven. In the first verse, she sings about forgoing a few of her bigger questions in order to spend more time with her loved one. Then, in the second verse, she shares what that conversation would look like, as she asks her loved one questions. The chorus sums up just how she'd spend those precious moments.

"If I had seven minutes in Heaven / I know just what I'd do / Take a walk down those golden streets / And find a quiet corner booth / I wouldn't spend all my seconds asking God questions / 'Cause He knows I'd be back soon / If I had seven minutes in Heaven /I'd spend them all with you," she sings.

The tear-jerking performance was made even more emotional when, at the end the song, a photo of her mother appeared on the screen behind her. Her voice broke slightly as she sang the final line of the chorus. She then turned to the screen behind her and said, "I miss you, mama."

Tuesday night's episode saw the Top 12 whittled down to the Top 9, and Team Reba's Jordan Rainer had to fight her way into the group of artists with a last chance performance. See the full results here.

"The Voice" airs on Monday and Tuesday nights on NBC.

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