Niall Horan on "The Kelly Clarkson Show"
Weiss Eubanks/ NBC Universal

New 'The Voice' Coach Niall Horan Shares Hilarious Blake Shelton Impression on 'The Kelly Clarkson Show'

Niall Horan may be a pop singer, but he's got a future in country music, at least if his Blake Shelton impression is any indication. Horan stopped by The Kelly Clarkson Show this week to chat about the new season of The Voice and catch up with the former American Idol, and he made sure to show the pop star host he knows his stuff when it comes to the country crooner.

The pair began their segment already mentioning Shelton, with Clarkson letting Horan know how much she loved that he had "jumped right into giving Shelton crap." Horan couldn't help but admit that he loved to "wind" Shelton up.

Clarkson, known for doing a lot of the same things, told Horan that it made her feel "really good" to have some backup when it came to teasing Shelton. While Horan called her a pro at doing just that, Clarkson praised the former One Direction member for something even funnier: his impression of Shelton.

"He told me I sounded like Forrest Gump," Horan admitted to Clarkson as they discussed recording a few spots for the show. Clarkson shrugged it off and called Shelton "dumb" before asking the singer to do the impression for her.

"This is my last season on The Voice," Horan said in a faux country accent. "I want you to be on my team, and I hate Kelly Clarkson," he joked as Clarkson burst into giggles. Not half bad, if a tad bit stereotypically Southern, but it certainly had a Shelton lilt to it.

"About sums it up!" Clarkson laughed and looked straight into the camera. With these two teaming up, it looks like Shelton's going to have a handful this season on The Voice, especially without wife Gwen Stefani there to back him up. The new season is set to kick off on March 6.

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