Brad Pitt in the Friends Thanksgiving episode

The 10 Most Awkward Thanksgiving Dinners in TV History, From 'Friends' to 'Ginny & Georgia'

Pass the second-hand embarrassment, please.

Thanksgiving has always made for great TV. In the heyday of network TV's fall lineup, a knockout Thanksgiving episode could define the new broadcast season. Classic sitcoms like Friends and Will & Grace turned out iconic Turkey Day installments year after year, leaning into the holiday's most absurd trappings: The ritual sacrifice of a giant stuffed bird, the annual gathering of estranged family members, the word 'gourd,' and, lest we forget, buckle hats. In TV world, Thanksgiving often goes horribly or hilariously wrong, or serves as a springboard for two characters to reconcile. But, sometimes, TV Thanksgivings aren't Shakespearean dramas. They're just plain awkward.

In honor of all the discomfort that arises when family tiffs mix with obscene amounts of meat and potatoes, we've rounded up the 10 most awkward Thanksgiving dinners in TV history, from slightly tense interactions at the table to those more extreme revelations that leave everyone red-faced long after they've digested that third helping of stuffing. Whether it's rich people behaving badly in the luxury brownstones of Gossip Girl or future in-laws engaging in sheer fakery in Ginny & Georgia, these TV dinners are a cornucopia of #awkward. Feast responsibly.

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