Target's String Lights Look Like a Christmas Miracle in a Snow Globe

As the holiday season treads, we find interesting Christmas and holiday decorations that we wish we found back in November. There's still time left to fill your home with Christmas lights and make it the winter wonderland you've always dreamed of. It's not like you didn't already know this, but your local Target has everything you need this holiday season. Target's snow globe string lights have us making our last holiday decor trips before our favorite time of the year.

Your Christmas tree won't be your favorite part of December. Santa made an early stop, but only at Target. These battery operated holiday string lights deserve a spot in your living space. Hang them on your staircase, patio, or anywhere your merry heart desires.

Inside these mini snow globe light bulbs you'll find fake snow and a Christmas tree. Supposedly a few lucky Target shoppers found these at Target's Dollar Spot. Naturally, people were fascinated with these Christmas snow globe lights! If I would've spotted them I would have grabbed a few for myself! These would have been the perfect addition to my headboard.

Thanks to social media, you'll get a glimpse with how a few lucky Target customers are using them. I have to say, they're getting pretty creative their new holiday lights.

Target Snow Globe Christmas Tree LED String Lights! NEW! Hard To Find!

Okay, I am a little jealous that I missed out on these Target snow globe holiday lights! I checked Amazon, and no luck. I did happen to find a few on eBay, but they are pricy considering these were once at Target in our favorite section!

Any snow globe collectors out there? I can see why you feel the need to have these! Sellers are even titling these Target string lights as sold out! Target, any word on a restock? We can only hope. For now, it looks like eBay is your best best for these beauties. I also recommend checking out these Christmas Tree Decoration Lights from AHUIGOYCE on Amazon.

AHUIGOYCE Christmas Tree Decoration Lights

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