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Texas Homeowner Syncs Christmas Lights to Alabama Fight Song

John Storms decided to give a special Christmas gift to his co-worker and neighbor a few years ago by paying tribute to his favorite college football team, the Crimson Tide.

Every year, the Texas homeowner syncs Christmas lights to a song making an incredible Christmas lights display in his front yard. Each year is marked with its own unique theme. Previous years have been themed around the Disney film Frozen  (with the classic song, "Let It Go") and the viral hit "Gangnam Style."

When it was time to brainstorm what last year's display would be centered around, Storms chose "Yea Alabama," the University of Alabama fight song. The song was meant to be a nod to his co-worker Roger, who is a huge Alabama football fan. Being an Alabama fan in Austin, Texas brings a lot of ridicule and teasing, so Storms hoped that his unique gift will bring a bit of joy to Roger, who lives just a few houses away. Nothing spreads the Christmas spirit quite like encouraging Crimson Tide fans at the end of the college football season. For the non football fans out there, the Alabama Football team is one of the best in the SEC, led by their coach Nick Saban, who is easily one of the best college football coaches of all time. SEC football is tough when your team has to play Alabama because...odds are they'll lose.

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Rogers says that his annual Christmas light display is made up of 25,000 LED lights. While you'd think that would be incredibly pricey, it really isn't.

"The entire show, for the entire season costs well under $15," he told "In 2014, our electric bill for October and November was higher than it was for December."

This post was originally published in 2015.

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