Friday Night Lights (2004)
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The 10 Best High School Football Movies of All Time

There's something about those Friday night lights.

Football is easily the most popular sport in the country. (Sorry, baseball.) The sport easily engages fans on the field as much as it entertains them with powerful stories on the big screen. From professional football films like Any Given Sunday and Jerry Maguire to college football like the beloved Notre Dame film Rudy, you get inspired watching the team come together. Even Adam Sandler's The Waterboy gets audiences excited to follow the game. There's just something about getting invested in rooting for your team, watching the underdog pull through, or seeing a dramatic game come to a thrilling conclusion. Whether in person or on screen, you get sucked in.

While there are some well-known football movies following the professional level, which is certainly admirable, high school football is equally full of heroes and powerful stories, so it's no wonder the great all-American sport has its fair share of popular films on the big screen. Down in the south, high school football games take over Friday nights in the fall, but people all over the country appreciate the sport and the stories that have been told surrounding teen athletes playing for their high school teams.

Here are our 10 favorite high school football movies of all time.

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