Mrs. Claus' Kitchen in Santa's House is Even Cozier Than We Imagined

Does he live like you and me? Thanks to 3D home technology from Zillow, we can finally take a look into Santa and Mrs. Claus' home sweet home. So sit back, grab a mug of peppermint hot chocolate, a plate of cookies, and explore the sweet home of Santa himself.

Located in the North Pole, Santa's home resides on 25 idyllic acres that features Santa's main living quarters, a small community of elf tiny homes (so with the times!), a recently renovated state-of-the-art toy making facility, a custom-built garage for Santa's sleigh, and stables to house his live-in reindeer.

Take a Look into Santa's House

The first stop on the tour is Santa's living quarters. Built in the 1800s, this log house offers a floor-to-ceiling river rock fireplace and spacious windows overlooking the Arctic. 

The best part of the house has to be Mrs. Claus' gourmet kitchen. Spacious and cozy, this modern day kitchen has all the gadgets to prepare cookies like nobody's business.

Her motif is all in jolly red, including her KitchenAid mixer (the same one I own I must add), tea kettle, and dutch oven. I could only wish my home was that coordinated.

Watch your elbow while walking across the kitchen island, you might bump it into the tricked out hot cocoa draft. Let's be honest, Mrs. Claus probably spikes hers with peppermint schnapps from time to time. Hey, it's a great way to warm upon Christmas Eve!

Speaking of heating up, make sure to check out her decked-out oven complete with 12 different cookie settings. As if Santa doesn't eat enough cookies during the holiday season, but who's counting?

Other rooms in the house include a warm and rustic bedroom, a sewing table for Santa to mend his pants (Yes, I said Santa. This is 2017, women don't have to do all the sewing) and a nonexistent bathroom.

To see the rest of the house, check it out here. 

While this $710K home is off the market for now, you can buy your own Santa Claus house in Alaska, Finland, and Northern Canada if you are in the market for a festive home. Of course, the elves and reindeer are not included.

I bet Mrs. Claus follows these 5 important baking tips.