The Le Creuset Galaxy Dutch Oven Will Be on Your Wish List This Year

Le Creuset has just launched the newest color and latest design into its fleet of classic Dutch ovens and it's out of this world. This French brand's enamel cookware is a wonderful addition to any kitchen with its ability to cook evenly and keep dishes warm for hours. That's probably why they can sell their Dutch ovens in literally every color under the sun. I mean, who really needs pastel pink cookware?

Well, maybe pink is a little much, but apparently, people do need a navy Dutch ovens with a galaxy theme sprinkled on the inky background. Inspired by the night sky with constellations of tiny planets and stars, this exclusive addition to the Le Creuset lineup looks like a scene from Saint-Exupéry's Le Petit Prince.

Of course, the French enamelware maker was probably less interested in commemorating a French children's story and more tuning themselves into the latest galaxy trend that's taking over the food industry. However, even though they appear to be on trend with their star appliqué on an indigo background, the company did interestingly choose to pass on the unicorn trend. (Although they did tap into the fantasy realm with a Beauty And The Beast collection.)

However, this haute couture of cookware cannot be found anywhere. This cosmos design is exclusive to Bloomingdale's stores. Currently, you can only purchase a 4.5-quart cast iron round oven. But the photo does model several other styles including a casserole dish, a smaller lidded saucepan, and an oval-shaped Dutch oven. So we can only hope that more options are on their way.

The only downside to the newest Le Creuset design is that the manufacturer doesn't recommend putting it in the dishwasher. Instead, to keep the decals intact, customers should hand-wash after use. Ok, well, maybe there is one other downside: the price tag. At $380 you'll find yourself quickly falling back down to Earth before you purchase this beauty. Maybe it's an excellent suggestion for a gift wish list, though.

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