Courtesy of Hater

The Most Hated Food in Each State is Probably Not What You'd Expect

Nothing unites us all like common dislikes, or that's what the dating app Hater is betting on. Every so often, they like to release their own maps to highlight the overall opinion of a state. And this particular map shows every hated food item in the U.S. It's hilarious, but mostly because it's true. Looking at you, New Jersey. What's so wrong with wine bought at a gas station? Pennsylvanians wish they could buy wine at a gas station! And Tennessee, you dislike foraged food?! What about all those morel mushrooms. We digress.

Without further ado, check out the most hated foods in each state. Did your state get it right, or do you hate something even more than the last bite of a hot dog, like Missouri?


Courtesy of Hater

Now, let's check out the results. Some of us have some explaining to do.

Alabama: Chipotle

Alaska: Voss Water

Arizona: Kombucha

Arkansas: Cilantro

California: Chick-fil-A

Colorado: Flamin' Hot Cheetos

Connecticut: Canned food

Delaware: Hawaiian pizza

Florida: Licorice

Georgia: Tuna salad

Hawaii: Coca-Cola

Idaho: Dim Sum

Illinois: Biting string cheese

Indiana: Charcuterie

Iowa: Quinoa

Kansas: Shellfish

Kentucky: Hummus

Louisiana: Cookies with raisins

Maine: Asian fusion

Maryland: The corner piece of a brownie

Massachusetts: Mayonnaise on fries

Michigan: Cold pizza

Minnesota: Beans

Mississippi: Sour cream

Missouri: The last bite of a hot dog

Montana: Pumpkin spice anything

Nebraska: Chili peppers

Nevada: La Croix

New Hampshire: Expensive cocktails

New Jersey: Gas station wine

New Mexico: Chicken nuggets

New York: Ranch on pizza

North Carolina: Cottage cheese

North Dakota: Tapas

Ohio: Pesto

Oklahoma: Veggie burgers

Oregon: Fast food

Pennsylvania: Chai lattés

Rhode Island: Capers

South Carolina: Matcha tea

South Dakota: Expensive cheese plates

Tennessee: Foraged food

Texas: Steak cooked well done

Utah: Balsamic vinegar

Vermont: Spray cheese

Virginia: Dabbing pizza grease with a napkin

Washington: Keurig K-cups

West Virginia: Tofu

Wisconsin: Lunchables

Wyoming: Gluten-Free

So, is your state accurate? It's not too surprising to see that expensive foods both landed on the list, looking at both South Dakota and New Hampshire. But we have to ask ourselves, New Mexico, do you really dislike chicken nuggets?

It makes perfect sense that a Texan would frown upon a well-done steak. We've all been there. And we proudly stand with Montana. Pumpkin Spice anything and everything. Unfortunately, this is their worst season yet, then as Pumpkin Spice keeps coming back earlier and earlier each year.