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Josh Lucas Says He Would Love a 'Sweet Home Alabama' Sequel

There is still hope for us ladies and gentlemen, we might still be getting a "Sweet Home Alabama" sequel. Josh Lucas has broken silence, again, explaining the situation during an appearance on "SiriusXM's Pop Culture Spotlight with Jessica Shaw." He stated, "Look, I would love to do the sequel. The issue is Reese Witherspoon got a book club. And I'm laughing, but Reese is, you know, I've heard like, 'Oh, you can talk to her about stuff five years from now.' You know, she's a mogul."

Lucas continued, "And back when I was doing Sweet Home Alabama, I, for some reason, remember telling the director or somebody speaking about her, but I said, 'I bet this woman ends up running a movie studio one day.' And she's even beyond that at this point. ... I mean it's extraordinary and not surprising either, at all. I mean, you know, she's her own version of Oprah Winfrey now, right? I mean ... it's extraordinary and not surprising either, at all." Lucas was referring to Witherspoon's Hello Sunshine media brand and projects like "Big Little Lies" and "The Morning Show"

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The American romantic comedy was released in 2002 and was directed by Andy Tennant. It starred Reese Witherspoon, Patrick Dempsey, Josh Lucas, Fred Ward, Jean Smart, Mary Kay Place, and Candice Bergen. And in case you were wondering, yes the title of the film is a homage to Lynyrd Skynyrd's 1974 song of the same name. The film managed to gross over $35 million its opening weekend and earned over $130 million domestically while in theaters. It then went on to make another $53 million at the world box office with a total budget of $30 million.

The rom-com follows Reese's character, Melanie Carmichael, as she returned home from New York to finalize her divorce from Jake Perry, portrayed by Lucas, before they successfully rekindled their romance. The 50-year-old actor has previously spoken about the sequel and revealed that the director, Tennant, has several ideas in mind. Back in 2019 on "Good Morning America," Lucas stated, "I've absolutely said yes. He and I discussed it extensively so we're lobbying the world to join us."

Despite the rumors of a sequel throughout the years, the actor said that he has reached out to his Hollywood co-star. Telling "Access Live" in 2018 he noted, "I've even reached out to Reese, and I know Reese has said as well — it's an iconic film. I would love it because I would love to see where these characters ended up or where they are at this point in their lives." As far as what Elle Woods (Witherspoon) thinks about the sequel, during a Facebook live chat the actress stated, "I love Sweet Home Alabama! We are not making a sequel that I know of, but if Disney wants to call me, I would happily make Sweet Home Alabama 2!"

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