Conway Twitty salt and pepper shaker
Sarita Marie

A Facebook User Found a Hilarious Conway Twitty Chicken Salt & Pepper Set

There's nothing better than finding hidden gems on online marketplaces. The majority of the time, you'll come across junk, but one special Facebook user found a pot of gold on Facebook. Say "Hello Darlin" to this unique set of Conway Twitty chicken salt & pepper shakers.

I can't even imagine how excited she was to find these salt and pepper shakers! I doubt these were sold in stores. This looks like a creative DIY project from a Conway Twitty fan.

Conway Twitty

Sarita Marie via Facebook

Conway Twitty gave us some of the best country music duets of all time with Loretta Lynn. The songwriter graced us with classics like "It's Only Make Believe," "Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man," "You've Never Been This Far Before," and more. There's no doubt about it that he deserves to be in the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Conway salt and pepper

Sarita Marie via Facebook

The list of greatest hits goes on and on! If your dad or best friend loves them some Twitty, then they're going to need a wacky gift like these Conway Twitty salt and pepper shakers. Every country music fan needs some memorabilia to keep of their favorite artist. Head over to Amazon for Conway Twitty collectibles.

Conway Twitty Gifts

Place this sticker on your laptop, and all of your coworkers will know that you love Conway.

Missing the number ones from the good ol' days? This CD is packed with all the oldies we still listen to today.

Did you ever get to visit Twitty City? It was a country music entertainment complex in Hendersonville, just north of Nashville, Tennessee. This would've been the perfect shirt to wear to it!

Amazon also has fantastic gifts for George Jones, Kenny Rogers, Glen Campbell, George Strait, and Merle Haggard fans. There are plenty of great collectibles with wonderful customer reviews.

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