10 Surprising Foods You Won't Believe Are Vegan

Just because you go vegan doesn't mean that you stop craving the junk food snacks you grow up with. We often assume that vegan food options consist of tofu bowls, salads and other health-food items. However, there are plenty of mainstream products that fit the bill for veganism that may surprise you. These 10 surprising vegan foods will have you questioning everything you know about the vegan diet!

1. Pringles

Pringles are the crunchy, wavy potato crisp that vegans can enjoy without breaking the rules. Whether you're craving the original flavor or even the Texas BBQ or Smokey Bacon, these potato chips are vegan-friendly. For any vegans craving BBQ or a crispy snack, just head to the supermarket for some wavy Pringles.

2. Oreos

When my sister went vegan, one of the first foods I learned about was Oreos. I saw her snacking away on them and assumed she'd gone back to meat and dairy products, when she explained that Oreos with their yummy creme were vegan. Oreos have no animal products in their ingredients list, making them ideal for vegans with a sweet tooth. For any gluten-free Oreo lovers, they also have a gluten-free option!

3. Pillsbury Crescent

One of the biggest adjustments when going vegan is figuring out how to bake with your new dietary restrictions. There are substitutes for eggs and butter that can end up tasting as yummy as the real deal, but you have to make the adjustments to get there. However, fortunately for all the vegan bakers out there, Pillsbury Crescent is made fully vegan for all the vegan-friendly rounds, cinnamon rolls and sweets.

4. Starburst

It's not just snacks and baked goods that vegans can enjoy. Another surprising vegan food is Starbursts! You might think that their chewy texture comes from gelatin or other animal products, but these addicting, colorful sweets are vegan through and through.

5. Jell-O Instant Pudding

Jell-O is the accidentally vegan confection we all need in our lives. Just because you're vegan doesn't mean that you stop being a kid at heart or being fun at parties. Whether you're in the mood for an old-school childhood treat or a few Jell-O shots, vegans have no need to worry, no matter the flavor.

6. Ritz Crackers

We know what you're thinking- the best part of Ritz Crackers is their butter flavor! However, this butter flavor is artificial and doesn't come from animals. Nabisco really had vegans' back with this one. Enjoy this vegan snack with some peanut butter or vegan cheese for a keep-a-going that harmed no animals in the making.

7. Hershey's Chocolate Syrup

We all know that a regular or dark chocolate drizzle of Hershey's Chocolate Syrup is the best addition to an ice cream sundae. As long as that sundae is dairy free, those with a veggie or vegan diet can enjoy it to their heart's content. Peta can't complain!

8. Pop-Tarts (unfrosted)


Pop-Tarts are an essential breakfast food no matter how old you get. Toeing the line between breakfast and dessert, Pop-Tarts fill the important role in this world of being a quick, easy and indulgent way to start the day. These incidentally vegan products can be enjoyed in Brown Sugar, Blueberry and Strawberry, as long as vegans don't get the frosted varieties.

9. Sour Patch Kids

Not only can vegans enjoy Starbursts, Sour Patch Kids are also fully vegan-friendly. The cousin of Swedish Fish, these sour gummy candies contain no animal products. Any vegans craving a sweet, sour candy at the movies or for dessert can snack away on Sour Patch Kids guilt-free.

10. Betty Crocker Cake Mixes

This surprising vegan food has a caveat. The mixes themselves are vegan, but the directions of most Betty Crocker mixes do say to add eggs. However, the website makes it easy to sub this out for vegan alternatives like bananas, applesauce, flax seeds or even soda. Because of this, almost all Betty Crocker mixes are vegan. Make vegan recipes like chewy sea salt brownies or go for vegan chocolate chip cookies to satisfy the craving.