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Pickle Oreos Are a Thing and People Are Loving Them

It looks like pickles have once again taken over another unsuspecting food. There's been a recent influx of pickle foods, everything from pickle beer, pickle cotton candy, and even fried pickle chips. But Pickle Oreos? I think a (very thin) line has been crossed, yet I can't help but want to try it for myself.

What Are Pickle Oreos?

Created by Grandpa Joe's Candy Shop, a locally owned candy shop in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Pickle Oreos are exactly what they sound like. The Oreo cookie is cut open and a dill pickle slice is added on top of the creme. The top is placed back on, and the whole thing is dipped in rich chocolate. According to The Dayton Daily News, Bill Kelly, the owner of Grandpa Joe, shares, "The pickle taste is a hint of pickle, it's not overpowering."

Pickle-lovers can pick up their own pickle-filled Oreos at one of Grandpa Joe's Candy Shops (located in Pennsylvania and Ohio) or at their online store which sells the cookies for $3 a cookie, or in a 3-pack for $9. While browsing their online store, make sure to take a look at all of their other pickle items including pickle soda, pickle lollipops, pickle mints, and their famous pickle cotton candy.

How To Make Pickle Oreos at Home

Up to a fun DIY project? Make your own pickle sandwich cookies to share with family and friends. Grab a package of Oreos, or dress it up a bit by purchasing peanut butter Oreos or even Dark Chocolate Oreos to tickle your taste buds. Using a butter knife, open up the Oreo and add a thin slice of pickle. Meanwhile, melt chocolate chips over a double-boiler or in the microwave and dip the entire cookie in the chocolate and place in the fridge to harden before enjoying.

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