20 Festive St. Patrick's Day Cocktails That Definitely Count as Wearing Green

Don't get pinched this year!

When St. Patrick's Day draws near, it's impossible to miss the color green — it's everywhere you look. Green appears on banners and T-shirts, and in many glasses of St. Paddy's Day beer. You can whip up green beer at home or decide to stay loyal to Guinness stout year after year. Isn't it time you found new ways of adding green to the most delicious St. Patrick's Day cocktails?  

If you're at a loss over finding new cocktails that honor the color green, don't worry. With our list of 20 St. Patrick's Day cocktails, you won't be caught without something green in hand. You'll find festive cocktails for everyone, from a shamrock champagne concoction to a classic Irish mudslide or Baileys mint martini

Whether you try an Irish version of an Old Fashioned or a green Negroni, you'll be shocked at how many green-themed cocktails there are. By the end, you can cherish the many cool ways there are to pour some St. Paddy's Day into each drink recipe. Plan a party, family dinner or post-St. Paddy's Day parade cocktail hour with whichever drink recipes excite you most. You'll stand up and shout about these green-themed St. Patrick's Day cocktails made to celebrate all things Irish!

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