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12 Sexiest Country Songs

Country music is famous for its love songs, and some of those tunes are a bit steamier than others. Writing songs about these subjects is nothing new in country music, but songwriters and singers have turned up the ante of these songs over the decades. There are more sexy country songs in existence than one could count, but here are 12 of the sexiest songs that have graced country radio over the years.

12. "Come a Little Closer," Dierks Bentley

Bentley was still a fairly new artist when he released "Come A Little Closer," the second single from his 2005 sophomore album, Modern Day Drifter. Bentley doesn't hide what he's singing about in the tune, making it clear that he wants to heal a somewhat stressed relationship with some intimacy. In the very first lines of the song, the Arizona native lays it out, singing, "Come a little closer baby, I feel like layin' you down." Each verse contains more of these hints and innuendos, and at the end of the song, he suggests they "strip it down back to the basics of you and me." The sultry nature of the song didn't scare away radio stations, and the tune reached the No. 1 spot. Bentley has continued this theme of sexy songs throughout his career, with other songs like "I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes" and "Black."

11. "Your Man," Josh Turner

Josh Turner made his way onto the country scene with his gospel-themed tune "Long Black Train," but his breakout song was undoubtedly "Your Man" from his 2006 album of the same name. In this sweet and sexy country love song, Turner dreams of a night with his love where they can "lock the door and turn the lights down low" and forget all their troubles. Throughout the song, Turner continues to explain his perfect night and tells his love that the biggest thing that turns him on is simply being her man. This No. 1 song featured Turner's real wife Jennifer in the video, and the two re-enacted the music video 15 years later this summer.

10. "Nothing On but the Radio," Gary Allan

Gary Allan's "Nothing On but the Radio" is another sexy country song that doesn't mince words. In the clever tune, Allan sets the scene of a couple with literally nothing on but the radio and "wrapped up in flames of desire." The song also makes mention of "shadows dancing on the wall" and "tangled sheets." As the sexy songs often do, this tune landed at No. 1 on the country charts.

9. "Gettin' You Home (The Black Dress Song)," Chris Young

Chris Young established himself as a swoon-worthy country baritone with his second single, "Gettin' You Home (The Black Dress Song)," released in 2009. In this undeniably sexy country song, Young sings of getting dressed up and going out on the town with his love for a long-awaited date night. However, the moment they sit down for dinner, all he can think about is getting her back home. He explains his fantasy further in the chorus as he sings about what they'll do when they get home, such as seeing his love's "black dress hit the floor." This song became Young's very first No. 1.

?8. "Burnin' It Down," Jason Aldean

Jason Aldean took sultry country songs to the next level with the release of his eyebrow-raising 2014 single, "Burnin' It Down." Likely one of the only country songs that actually mentions the word "naked," the tune finds Aldean singing about an especially sexy night with a love. "You slip your finger through the tear in my t-shirt, Your stirrin' up dirty in the back of my mind," he sings in the verse. He continues to set the scene in the chorus with, "We about to get a little tangled up right about now, so girl let's keep burnin' it down." Although the song received mixed reviews for both its lyrical content and production, it became a hit for Aldean.

7. "Let's Make Love," Faith Hill and Tim McGraw

This duet by one of country music's hottest couple's, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, makes its intentions pretty clear in the title. In the tune, Hill and McGraw dream of stealing away just the two of them, and, well, making love. "Let's make love, all night long, until all our strength is gone," they sing in the chorus. This song reached No. 6 on the country charts and became one of many iconic duets from the couple.

6. "Breathe," Faith Hill

Faith Hill was undoubtedly one of the country-pop queens of the late '90s, early 2000s (joined by the likes of Shania Twain), and one of her most memorable songs from that period is the 1999 power balled, "Breathe." In this sexy and romantic song, Hill first sings about simply listening to her lover breathe, and then getting "caught up in the touch, a slow and steady rush." The song became a worldwide hit for Hill and took home the Grammy award for Best Female Country Vocal Performance.

5. "Raining on Sunday," Keith Urban

Keith Urban has already made enough people swoon throughout the years with his good looks and guitar playing alone, but add sexy songs to the list and he's unstoppable. Urban showed off his sultry singing skills in his 2003 single, "Raining on Sunday." Originally released by Radney Foster in 1999, Urban covered the song for his 2002 album, Golden Road. In the song, the famous Aussie prays for rain on Sunday so he and his lover have an excuse to simply stay in bed all day. The lyrics get more sultry as the song goes on as Urban sings, "Let the water wash our bodies clean and love wash our souls." 

4. "Like a Wrecking Ball," Eric Church

In 2015, the "Chief" Eric Church released sensual single, "Like a Wrecking Ball," to country radio. In the tune, Church sings of his anticipation to get home to his wife after touring on the road. Church describes this with clever lyrics about how "that old house is gonna be shaking" when he gets home. He also mentions the simple things his wife does that he loves, such as painting her toenails. "Like a Wrecking Ball" landed at No. 6 on the country charts.

3. "Must Be Doin' Somethin' Right," Billy Currington

Billy Currington has released a steady stream of radio hits over the years of, and one tune that helped him rise to prominence in country music was his 2005 single, "Must Be Doin' Somethin' Right." This slow love song finds Currington singing about how he must be doing something right with a lover, as she leans into his kiss and closes "those deep blue, need you eyes." The music video for the song is equally sultry, as it features the singer with a woman the beach.

2. "Slow Hand," Conway Twitty

The king of sultry country slow jams, Conway Twitty, celebrates taking it slow on this steamy 1982 hit from Southern Comfort. 

1. "Strawberry Wine," Deana Carter

Deana Carter's "Strawberry Wine" recounts a first love and a sultry summer romance, making it one of the most sensual and sentimental tunes in country music.


Honorable Mentions: Other sexy songs in country music include: Luke Bryan's "Strip It Down," Conway Twitty's "You've Never Been This Far Before," Lee Ann Womack's "I May Hate Myself In The Morning," Rascal Flatts' "I Melt," Lady A's "Need You Now," Lonestar's "Amazed" and more.

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