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Saturday Night Live's Melissa Villaseñor Debuts Dolly Parton Impression for Singalong Sketch

Saturday Night Live cast member Melissa Villaseñor is seriously skilled at voice impressions and she proved it once again during a Dec. 12, 2020 appearance on "Weekend Update."

"Weekend Update" co-anchor Colin Jost introduces Villaseñor during the segment to discuss Christmas music. However, when the comic appears in sequins and a blonde wig, it's clear that Villaseñor is using the opportunity to do something so many of us want to do: become Dolly Parton.

"You've been trying to get your Dolly Parton impression on the show for a while now," Jost says to Villaseñor, who insists that she's "just here to sing Christmas songs."

Villaseñor launched into a spot-on Dolly voice to perform a couple bars of "Holly Jolly Christmas," then her own unique version of "Jingle Bells," which just happened to sound a lot like Parton's "Jolene."

Villaseñor fessed up, explaining that anyone would want to be the heroic Dolly Parton, who's recently been in the news for donating a million dollars to the COVID-19 vaccine and saving a young actor from getting hit by a car.

"Ok, fine. Yeah, newsflash: I want to be Dolly. Who doesn't? She's the coolest. She's a great singer. She writes her own songs. She donated a million dollars to the vaccine. Plus, there was a news story this week that she saved a kid from getting hit by a car, which made me mad because I was speeding up to hit him," she said, before quickly adding "I'm kidding!"

Perhaps the best part was the actor introducing her favorite hymn, before launching into "9 to 5." We need to get Dolly Parton on "Weekend Update" for an epic duet.

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On Instagram, Villaseñor explained why it meant so much for her to impersonate Parton on the show.

"@dollyparton i love you," she wrote. "Early in pandemic i was alone for while at home and i was desperate for someone to bring me comfort and i found dolly's audiobook "dream more" it made me cry and smile and laugh and believe again."

The Dec. 12 episode of Saturday Night Live was hosted by Timothee Chalamet and featured musical guest Bruce Springsteen.

Parton herself hosted NBC's SNL back in 1989, appearing alongside cast members Nora Dunn, Phil Hartman and Dana Carvey.

The country star recently debuted her new Christmas special A Holly Dolly Christmas and released her holiday album of the same name.





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