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Sanka is the Reason Why Our Grandparents Love Decaffeinated Coffee

Many would say that this younger generation has a coffee addiction. You can find a Starbucks on just about every block of a major city these days. Although our grandparents had a 'toxic' relationship with coffee too. They attempted to give up caffeine with the help of Sanka Coffee.

"Can the foods you eat affect the way you feel?" Of course, Robert Young. Adults didn't like the coffee jitters, but just couldn't sacrifice the taste and inviting aroma of coffee. Sanka introduced decaffeinated coffee, and people loved it.

Sanka Instant Decaf Coffee, 8 Ounce Jar (Pack of 4)

What threw some people off was the fact that Sanka was instant coffee. Yes, in a world where K-cups and single-serve Keurigs now exist, people were skeptical about Sanka instant coffee. If you were used to coffee beans, then naturally, the thought of stirring coffee grounds into hot water sounded odd. Because of this, Maxwell House Sanka decaffeinated instant coffee wasn't an overnight success.

America's first brand of decaffeinated coffee made its debut in households across the nation. A cup of coffee was something people wanted to enjoy at any time of the day. Of course, you didn't want to be up all night due to caffeine, so decaf coffee was the way to go. This caffeine-free beverage could be enjoyed any time of day.

Take a trip down memory lane with a jar of medium roast classic decaf Sanka. It still has the smooth taste you remember and is 100% pure coffee. You may love Folgers and Maxwell House now, but Sanka decaf instant coffee will always hold a place in your heart.

An Amazon customer left a review and said they have fond memories of their mom having a cup in the evening. So sweet! You'll also come across many reviews of people saying they have had so much trouble finding Sanka coffee in stores.

Luckily, Amazon has you covered with the medium roast coffee that makes us feel warm, inside, and out.

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