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These Sandless Blankets Are A Game-Changer For Beach Days

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Beach weather is here — and whether you're headed to the lake or the ocean, there's only one thing that can bring down a sunny day by the water: getting sand in all the places you shouldn't. After all, some oceanside accessories are irreplaceable. A good beach chair, beach umbrella, and beach towel are common pieces of can't-forget gear (and tons of snacks, too). Now, sandless beach mats are joining that list. Yep. It's a beach blanket that will keep sand from creeping up on your mat — and many work against grass, water, and rocks too. This is a must-have beach accessory if you hate that feeling of sand on your body as you're laying out to read a book or sunbathe. It's also great to make sure sand doesn't end up in your bags, your shoes, and in the car on the way home.

Any day by the water should be as relaxing as possible, so grab a sandless beach blanket and let your worries wash away. Take a look at some awesome options for your next outdoor activity.

1. Best Personal Beach Blanket


CGear Sandlite Patented Sand-Free Beach Mat - Amazon, $59.99

The CGear Sandlite is one of the best sand mats you can buy — and this smaller option is perfect for one person to relax with on the beach. There are two layers to this picnic mat. The top layer provides comfort, while the bottom layer allows sand, dirt, and other particles to sift through and out onto the ground. Unlike nylon options, this blanket has polyurethane weaving that sand won't stick to. Plus, it's machine-washable. It's also quick drying and comes with a tote carrying bag. Who knew that keeping out sand was so easy?

2. Best Option for Groups 

Seaview 180 Sand-Free Blanket - Amazon, $31.99

At seven feet wide and nine feet long, The Seaview 180° blanket will fit your entire family or group — and then you can pack it away with ease into an included carrying case. The parachute nylon material is breathable, water-resistant, quick-dry, and great for windy days, thanks to built-in sand anchors. It even has a pocket to keep personal belongings while you head out into the water. This is a high-quality option to keep sand out of your face when you're lying in the sun.

3. The Best Budget Option 

ABETER Magic Sandless Blanket - Amazon, $24.99

The ABETER mat is like a cross between the previous two mat but it's a budget-friendly option if you're not looking for total comfort. It'll keep sand out, but it's not as soft as the other options. However, it's multi-layered (like the CGEAR) and made from water-resistant material like the Wildhorn Outfitters Seaview. All in all, thanks to a near-plastic feel, it's the easiest to keep mildew out of, and is a good choice if you're not looking to spend too much.

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