Throw the Ultimate Lake Party With an Inflatable Water Trampoline

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What's summertime without lake days? Beach days sure are fun, but sometimes lake days are just unbeatable. Tubing, boating, and fishing are always good times! Well, you can now add jumping to the list of lake day activities. Sam's Club is selling an inflatable water trampoline.

WOW Sports' Air Jump Bouncer is going to be the water toy that all of the kiddos will flock to. The large water bouncer provides a jumping surface for kids to enjoy on the water. Go from the water bouncer to the water in seconds!

Best Under $300

1. WOW 10' Air Jump Bouncer

WOW 10' Air Jump Bouncer
Sam's Club

  • Under $300
  • The platform works as a step ladder
  • 1-2 person water sports bouncer

I can already see myself trying to do backflips off the jump surface. Any kid with an adventurous personality is going to love it! I mean, jumping as high as you can and belly-flopping into the water sounds like a dream come true. (Be sure the water isn't shallow if you do that!)

WOW's inflatable bouncer is going to give water parks and water slides a run for their money. It's one of the best water trampolines of the summer, and it's under $265. This heavy-duty water trampoline is made from high-quality PVC material, which means it'll last a long time.

Walmart also has some awesome water bouncers.

Best for the entire family

2. Rave Sports Bongo Inflatable Water Bouncer

Rave Sports Bongo Inflatable Water Bouncer

  • Boarding ladder for deep water
  • Inflates quickly
  • Lightweight

The Rave Sports Bongo is a bit pricy, but it looks like a lot of fun! Rave Sports has two Rave water bouncers available. One is a regular bouncer, and the Rave Sports O-Zone water bouncer has a 5-foot inflatable slide attached to it.

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Best Splurge

3. Island Hopper GWPARK13 Classic Water Trampoline Gator Monster 13' Water Park

Island Hopper GWPARK13 Classic Water Trampoline Gator Monster 13' Water Park

  • 1200lb weight capacity
  • Gator head and tail slide
  • UV resistant

Take a look at this bouncer! Jeez, this thing is enormous. It is a whopping $2,400, but it's worth every penny. Jump as high as you can and use the springboard for a dive into the lake.

The water trampoline attachment is made from commercial-grade PVC material, so you won't have to worry about it deteriorating.

Best for Teens & Adults

Ditch the swimming pool and consider a lake day for endless summer fun. This pick from Amazon is ideal for three adults or six children, making it perfect for families. This isn't a springless option, but the addition of springs makes this more fun for teens and adults who love a bit more excitement on the water.

The bouncy water toy will create so many good childhood memories.

Best for Kids

Island Hopper 13' Bounce N Splash Padded Water Bouncer

A customer gave the trampoline five stars and wrote, "Delivered on time with no problems. Easy set up. I used a shop vac to inflate it. Took about 15 minutes. I use it extensively on our lake with the grandchildren and their friends. Best recommendation is from my granddaughter, "I love it grandpa."

The bouncer inflates and deflates in 10 minutes, making this perfect for birthday parties! Keep in mind that this is a springless option. However, I think that's best for young children. The durability of the 1000 denier PVC material is fantastic. However, a warranty is included.

As for a boarding platform, a four-step easy access soft ladder is included so that kids can easily get on the trampoline.

Lake days are going to be the best this year. Be sure to head over to Walmart for aquaglide water slides, inflatable pontoons, towable tubes, inflatable kayaks, and more.

This post was originally published on June 12, 2020.

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Throw the Ultimate Lake Party With an Inflatable Water Trampoline