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Throw the Ultimate Lake Party With an Inflatable Water Trampoline

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What's summertime without lake days? And if you want to level up your lake day activities, an inflatable water trampoline is absolutely a must-have for big groups and especially groups with kids. These large inflatable bouncers provide a smooth jumping surface for kids to enjoy on the water. Although these can be pricey products, if you spend a lot of time out on the lake with your family, it's something that can be worth the investment. Typically, they'll come with everything you need to get out on the water — like an electric inflator, an anchor to keep it secure, and an attached rope to climb on and off it with ease. Many of these options have large weight capacities for several children (or one or two adults) to enjoy at the same time, and many people use them as swim docks for a lake without a dock, or a place to lay and relax right on the water.

We love these water toys for many reasons: they're unique, fun, and easy to transport. With a water trampoline, you can have endless fun on the lake while spending some much-needed time in the great outdoors. And it's easy to take with you anywhere — simply deflate your water trampoline after a day full of fun, and store it for the next trip out to the water — or keep inflated all summer. This will definitely be one childhood water toy your kids look back on and will be so grateful you invested in it. Here's our picks for the best water trampolines at every price point:

1. Best Affordable Option

Goplus Inflatable Water Trampoline

Goplus Inflatable Water Trampoline, 10FT - Amazon, $309.99

This heavy-duty trampoline is an affordable option that has lots of great features that make it one of our top picks. The Goplus trampoline has a weight capacity of 330 pounds — perfect for an adult or even two kids jumping at the same time. It's made of durable and weather-resistant material, and instead of using metal springs, inside are elastic bands inside secured with high-quality nylon cloth. The base is made of heavy-duty PVC material, which is also weather-resistant and puncture-proof. We love that the platform is easy to get up on by using the rope step ladder and reinforced handles to board safely. It only takes 10 minutes to inflate with the included electric inflator, and it deflates quickly too. It also comes with an anchor you can fill with water or sand to increase stability on the water.

2. Best Bouncer for Families

Rave Bongo Water Bouncer

Rave Bongo Water Bouncer - Amazon, $999.99

The Rave Sports Bongo is a bit pricier than the Goplus, but it has a weight limit of 500 pounds and an increased area for jumping (this one has eight feet of space while the Goplus has six). The larger area on top and the increased weight limit would make this perfect for using it as a trampoline, but also would function as a comfortable lake float (just make sure you're not jumping on it while someone is relaxing). It comes with an anchor and a 3-step ladder, but you'll have to buy an air pump separately. It's made of heavy-duty material and is coated with protectant to prevent fading in the sun, so it'll last a long time. One reviewer wrote that it stays inflated all summer without a problem, so this could be the perfect fit for your if you already live on the lake.

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3. A Mid-Priced Option With A Slide

HappyBuy Inflatable Trampoline With Slide

HappyBuy Inflatable Trampoline With Slide - Amazon, $450.99

We love that this trampoline because it has an added slide at the top, making it a great bet for younger kids who may be nervous to jump right into the lake. It has a weight capacity of 880 pounds, and comes with a ladder, a slide, and the installation kit. This one is really great for lounging as well, and it's made of sturdy PVC that can withstand all types of weather.

This post was originally published on June 12, 2020.