The Salty Seahorse Florida

Stay Inside a Floating Barrel Cabin at This Florida Airbnb

If you're dreaming of a beach getaway and want an incredibly unique vacation rental, look no further than The Salty Seahorse. This Airbnb in Key Largo, Florida is a houseboat created out of a cedar barrel cabin. It's basically glamping on the Gulf of Mexico. You can't get more unique than that. 

Once you check-in at the nearby marina, you'll board your dinghy and ride 15 minutes away to where your red cedar barrel boat is located.

The Salty Seahorse Florida


This floating barrel cabin might be tiny, but the bedroom has a comfortable queen-size bed. Up to two people can fit into this seriously unique rental. There is a panoramic view of the water right behind your pillow so you can fall asleep watching the stars and listening to the nocturnal sounds of the Florida Keys. You'll be able to see dolphins, tropical fish, manatees and other indigenous birds and wildlife pass by your window. Wake in the morning to the sound of the water and take in the gorgeous views before spending your day outdoors. 

Your room also has all of the general necessities you might need — towels, bed linens, toilet paper, soap, shampoo and conditioner. If you're up for the full camping experience, you can utilize the outdoor shower and be one with mother nature during your stay.

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While there's no room for much else in the main cabin other than a bed, there is an area with a couple of seats as well as a flat-screen TV mounted on the wall. There is also a DVD player but no antennae. You'll need to bring your favorite films if you want some late-night entertainment or make a stop at Red Box on your way to the marina. 

It's worth noting that there's only a small chemical toilet on the boat. Since it's small, you're able to move it from outside on the deck to in the cabin if you want more privacy, or you can visit the full bathroom in the marina if you prefer. 

Talk about an incredible view. Kick back in a lounge chair and enjoy a cold drink from your onboard tiki bar on the outside deck. The bar is equipped with all of the necessities. You get a Yeti cooler to keep food and drinks cold, but you'll need to stock up on your own perishables and booze before your stay. The bar also has kitchenware and a coffee press so you'll be able to enjoy your morning cup of joe while surrounded by the natural beauty around your panoramic floating cedar barrel cabin.

You also have a Coleman propane grill and outdoor sink so you can BBQ your catch of the day if you decide to do a little fishing. 

The best part of being on a floating boat is that you're completely set up to just hop in the water whenever you want. Wake up and go snorkeling or jump in for an afternoon swim. It's your vacation!

Make sure you come with minimal baggage because this entire boat can hold no more than 450 lbs. Come ready to unwind away from it all and enjoy this piece of the old Florida Keys. For $150/night, it's a total bargain to spend time in this one of a kind rental.

This article was originally published in April of 2020. 

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