Rust-Oleum High Heat Spray Is the One Shot Way to Keep Your Grill in Top Condition

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Summer may be coming to an end, but grilling season never dies. Especially with football schedules kicking into high gear. It's time for some tailgating, and your barbeque grill is about to hit peak usage. If you've already been cranking up the heat this summer, you need to make sure your backyard broiler is in prime condition. Rust-Oleum high heat treatment is the best way to stop rust and return your cooker to a classic bar-b-que black finish.

From dry rubs to marinades to garden produce, backyard cooks have dishes to serve and families to feed. There's no time to worry about a grill that's gone rusty. Rust-Oleum was made to provide a flat black, corrosion-resistant finish to your barbeque pit that goes deeper than aesthetics. Preserving your grill body helps with heat retention, which gives you the home-field advantage for outdoor cooking.

Grillers and chillers: this is no ordinary aerosol. This is more than black spray paint. This is Rust-Oleum High Heat spray, a barbeque pro's secret weapon.

Rust-Oleum High Heat

Rust-Oleum Automotive High Heat Spray 249310 12-Ounce BBQ Black Spray, Black Satin Finish

If you are looking for superior rust protection for your high heat surfaces, this is the spray for you. Good for wood-burning stoves, fire pits, and barbeque grills alike, Rust-Oleum solvent is the easiest home improvement DIY around.

Application is a simple point-and-shoot. Rust-Oleum cans have a special nozzle that even allows you to spray upside down for hard-to-reach places. That's full-field coverage! The enamel shielding that covers your grill is good for up to 1200 degrees when cooking and 120 degrees of dry heat during those sweltering summer days. Best of all, you can begin handling your grill 1-hour after application.

That drying is faster than rain in Las Vegas. You'll be back to grilling wings and smoking pork shoulders in no time at all.

Speaking of chicken, you may be wondering what makes Rust-Oleum so effective at cooking it. Just like good ol' Col. Sanders KFC recipe, Rust-Oleum keeps their successful resin blend a proprietary secret. Fortunately, safety data sheets can tell us a lot. For example, what helps this enamel spray paint works so well at keeping your grill in fighting shape is Iron Manganese Oxide pigments.

Additionally, a solvent blend of Acetone, Aliphatic, and Aromatic hydrocarbons creates stability in the solution, making it safe for high heat outdoor use.

You've spent a lot of time and money on the barbeque station of your dreams, and as customer reviews of Rust-Oleum specialty high heat spray paint suggest, this grill re-finishing spray improves your bbq's durability for the long run:

Rust-Oleum Automotive High Heat Spray 249310 12-Ounce BBQ Black Spray, Black Satin Finish

Rust-Oleum High Heat primer has a proven track record of protecting your pits. However, it's important to note that the epoxy sealant is not good for all types of metal items. For example, while Rust-Oleum is great for the body of a barbeque, it's not a safe idea to spray this directly on the food grill slats. Instead, consider cleaning those with a good wire brush to prevent rust and corrosion.

In addition to matte finishes, you can also buy the spray in gloss black, chrome, and other metallic shades. Rust-Oleum also makes a spray that stops rust on your automotive parts from rust. Extend the life of your radiator and other high-corrosion areas of your vehicle too.

All in all, if your grill needs re-treatment from rust or corrosion, rely on Rust-Oleum. The longer you keep your grill going, the more steaks you can barbecue. That sounds like a winning combo to me.