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Every Texan Needs to Brand Their Barbecue With a Texas-Shaped Branding Iron

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One of my favorite restaurants in East Texas brands their hamburger buns with a Texas branding iron. The restaurant is part of a livestock market, so to complete the experience of visiting a livestock market, you just have to enjoy a burger with the state of Texas branded into your burger. You can recreate the Lone Star State look with a Texas-shaped branding iron.

Amazon is selling a custom branding iron for only $31.95. Every Texan who calls themself a grill master needs an outline of Texas on their steaks and burgers from now on. Grilling season is in full swing, and if there's anyone who needs a new grilling tool, it's definitely Dad.

Texas Branding Iron

This brander isn't just limited to foods. You can make a custom brand on leather, wood, and more. Customer reviews are excellent. The Leather Guy's Texas branding iron has a perfect five-star rating. An Amazon customer said he used it to brand a giant Jenga game.

Another five-star review says, "Just as advertised and shipped fast!" This cattle brand was made right here in the United States. Support a local craftsman and get your made in the USA Texas BBQ branding iron today.

If you were planning on getting your dad a brand new BBQ toolset for his birthday or the holidays, don't forget to put this American West branding iron in the gift box as well. Dad won't be able to resist planning a backyard BBQ with the family.

Don't forget about Mom, y'all! This Texas-shaped cutting board will be the perfect unique gift. If your mom loves to cook, then surely she'll find this cutting board very useful. It has all of our favorite Texas cities laser engraved. From Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio— it has it all!

It's so adorable. Mom and Grandma are going to love this.

This post was originally published on June 8, 2020.