Jello Shot 'Jenga' Is the Perfect Outdoor Game for Adults

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Years ago, we were in college dorms playing beer pong, but since then, we've grown up and become accustomed to backyard games. They can be DIY, they're family-friendly, and the rules are relatively simple. (Not to mention, they don't require drinking). Although, it doesn't hurt to have a drink everyone now and then with the family.

Thanks to 'Jello Shot Jenga', there's a backyard game that requires getting a little tipsy as part of the fun. Yes, there are giant backyard Jenga sets. And it's not hard to find a variety of Jenga-inspired drinking games. But Jello Shot Jenga takes the drinking and makes it an integral part of the game, which is the best of all worlds.

Giant Tipsy Jello Shot Tower

Stone Point Woodworking created a giant Jenga game for those who like to kill a bottle or two of vodka with their favorite cousins on game night. This Jenga set is nearly 2.5 feet tall, has 54 wooden blocks and 15 random blocks with jello shot cups where you can hide jello shots. If you're a so-called Jenga master, wait until you're three shots deep of Tito's, then try to have a go at this giant tumble tower with your tipsy self.

Pull the wood block with the jello shot hole, and you have to take the shot! Rules are rules, especially in this board game. The outdoor Jenga drinking game is available on and Amazon. Next time you throw a get-together, take the party outside. This is an idea that even your tailgating friends won't be able to topple.

Whether it's a birthday party, wedding party, or ladies nights out, jello shot Jenga is the perfect party game. Leave the lawn games to the kids and let the adults have some outdoor fun. Cornhole boards and yard dice are for the youth now.

This jumbo pinewood version of Jenga will be a breath of fresh air if Cards Against Humanity and Kings are your standard party games. It makes a great gift idea, too, especially as a housewarming (yard warming?) present.

I'll also mention that an outdoor yard game like jello shot Jenga should give you some motivation to spruce up your backyard. Get those gorgeous fairy lights and lawn chairs you've been eying! Your home will be the place to be for outdoor game parties. The sound of tumbling blocks goes great with the laughter of good friends.

This Jenga tower drinking game will be your favorite addition to BBQ parties, so make sure you have some outstanding jello shot recipes to use. As it happens, we've got some excellent recipe cards for jello shots, from Fireball jello shots to margarita jello shots and every jello shot recipe in between.

This post was originally published on February 7, 2020.