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Fairy Lights Create a Cozy Ambiance for the Wintertime

There's always that one piece of decor that goes a long way in a home. In a bedroom, it's a rug. For a backyard, it's patio decor. For bathrooms, it's always a shower curtain with a chic design. I've found one piece of decor that makes perfect year-round decor for just about any room. It looks like fairy string lights are here to brighten up everyones' home for a cheery and warm environment.

LED string lights are popular for outdoor use, but I think it's time we start using them indoors. I've seen a variety of how people decorate with fairy lights, but I am in love with how LED string lights look on staircases. Check out this DIY LED light decor. This seriously looks like something out of a fairy tale! Maybe that's why they're called fairy lights? Just kidding, but after seeing this, I definitely want to steal this look.

Have you ever wished that you had dimmable lights? You know, like in the movies, where you get the remote control and dim the lights for a romantic feeling. That's exactly what these LED light sets do, but on a much budget-friendly level. I've tried buying warm light bulbs, but they just don't give the same effect as fairy lights.

In the past, I've used warm white LED lights to hang around my window. Take this as an example! Do you know where else mini lights look fantastic? Around bed headboards!


For LED lighting decor purposes, I recommend using warm white lights over multi-colored lights. Green wire and color-changing lights scream "holiday lights" to me! You don't want your home to look like you forgot to take down your Christmas lights. Although, I'm not judging if you haven't!

If you're wondering how to put up lights, you can take my advice. I went around my room on a ladder and nailed the loop of the wires every few feet or so. There has to be a much easier way to hang rope lights though. Surely some small command strips will make the DIY job simple and easy.

LED Fairy String Lights + Indoor String Lights for Bedrooms & Living Rooms

1. LED String Lights, by myCozyLite, Plug-in String Lights, 49Ft 100 LED Warm White Lights with Timer

Once you begin to order light strings, make sure you have enough for your home decor. I'd start with a smaller project like decorating your staircase or headboard, then work your way to hanging them in the living room. You'll get a feel for how you want your LED bulb strings to hang. You shouldn't need any heavy-duty lights for indoor decorating, I'd save that for outdoor lighting.

Make your home feel like a cozy spot with dimmer lights that add style and flair to your home. Amazon's got you covered with all the LED string lights you could dream of!

Create the warm ambience you've been craving all winter with these fairy lights. Wrap your home decor with them! Just make sure you have AA batteries ready.

They're under $7, making them a fantastic, budget-friendly way to decorate for Halloween, Christmas, or a birthday party.

4. EZDC 50 LED Photo Clip String Lights, Fairy Lights with Clips, Lights with Clips for Pictures, Polaroid Lights with Clips for Bedroom & Dorm Room Decoration

These lights are perfect for year-round decor. For more firefly lights, wall lights, and multi-color lights, visit Amazon.

This post was originally published on January 15, 2020.

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