Franklin Barbecue Pits
Franklin's Barbecue Pits

Aaron Franklin's Hand-Welded BBQ Smokers to Hit the Market This Summer

Aaron Franklin, the BBQ genius behind the iconic restaurant that bears his last name, is gearing up to release Franklin Barbecue Pits this summer. Austin360 reports the hand-welded smokers will be six-feet long and can smoke up to three briskets at once.

Franklin, a self-taught welder, modeled his new creations after the pits he built to smoke up the legendary brisket at Franklin Barbecue. Brothers Caleb and Matt Johnson are handling the welding and assembly of the pits.

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The company hasn't released a price yet, but expect to pay in the ballpark of $2,400 for a pit.

While you're waiting, check out these video lessons where Franklin teaches you how to make the perfect brisket at home.

On Thursday, Franklin kicks off his Hot Luck food and music fest in Austin. The Franklin team has reportedly welded a dozen or so smokers for the big event.

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