Light Up the Night With the 8 Best Grill Lighters of 2021

Grill lighters don't exactly need an introduction. They are fire starters for your grill so you can get your outdoor cooking going quickly with the press of a small button, just like a gas stove. These allow you to skip the charcoal starter and mess with cool things like plasma arcs, so you can feel like a mad scientist before you use your propane or butane gas grill. But what's the best grill lighter out there you can buy? We rounded up a few of our favorite igniters, torch lighters, and lighters for grilling that you should consider having on hand for your charcoal grill or other grills.

1. Bic EZ Reach Lighter

BIC makes lighters you can use for everything from your BBQ grill to birthday candles. There's a cute three-pack of these you can buy on Amazon or other websites that are maybe more suited to being candle lighters than used all that often for a gas grill, but they are cheap and work in a pinch.

2. Click-n-Flame Barbecue Lighter

This refillable butane lighter is a long lighter to keep your fingers away from the flame and has a fuel-level viewing window for monitoring the lighter fluid. As far as firelighters go, it is inexpensive and well-reviewed.

3. Bic Multipurpose Lighter

These are listed as being a "best value" butane lighter by LilGrill. They also feature a long neck to keep your fingers safe while using as a BBQ lighter or just for candles in your home.

4. Suprus Electric-Arc Lighter

These portable lighters have a windproof design, are USB rechargeable, and are flameless. If you want a pocket-sized flameless lighter you can easily obtain online, this is the pocket lighter for you.

5. RONXS 872-12

LilGrill also likes this compact lighter. It has a 60-minute charge and an LED lights battery indicator, which is pretty good for a compact electric lighter.

6. Scripto Wind Resistant Utility Lighter

This heavy-duty lighter listed on Home Depot's website produces a jet flame and has a visible fuel supply.

7. Foxfirers Adjustable Flame Butane Lighter

This lighter has a flexible neck that can be rotated and has a child-proof safety lock.

8. Skyflame Electric Charcoal Fire Starter

This one might look a bit like a hair curler, but we swear it's a grill lighter! It has a built-in thermal safety switch and promises to ignite lump charcoal, briquettes, wood chips, chunks, or pellets.

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