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LSU Tailgating Recipe Round-Up

Starting in September, football fans everywhere know that their favorite season is here- college football season. This is so much more than just the games; it's the watch parties, competitive spirit and of course, the tailgating. Everyone has their own tailgating traditions, but few are as unique and memorable of those of Louisiana State University football fans. Here are 8 LSU tailgating recipes to bring some Cajun flavor to game day.

1. Death Valley Cajun Jambalaya

Jambalaya is a classic Louisiana dish, with many variations. This flavorful, spicy dish is made from the "Cajun trinity" of onion, bell peppers and celery. It often includes seafood or meat as well. This recipe is made with smoked venison andouille sausage and is the perfect dish for game day. Dish this out at your tailgate party for the perfect main dish and enjoy game day like a true LSU fan.

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2. Gumbo

Gumbo is another classic Baton Rouge dish, full of delicious flavors and ideal to chow down on as you watch the football game. Gumbo can also be made in many different ways, but typically includes the "Cajun trinity" as well. Some other common ingredients are okra, crawfish, chicken, sausage, crab and shrimp. Serve with potato salad or French bread and you're basically a Louisianan.

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3. Cracklins

Cracklins are a Cajun snack, a yummy side dish for a BBQ or appetizer for the tailgate. Also called gratons in Cajun French, this tasty snack is made with fatty pork skin, and can be enjoyed crunchy or chewy based on your preference. Deep fried until the pork skin crackles and then seasoned with flavors like cayenne pepper and paprika, it's hard to beat these crispy Cajun gameday snacks.

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4. Corn Maque Choux

Corn Maque Choux is an iconic Cajun dish, served on the side or eaten as the main. This Louisiana classic is a mix of spicy, sweet and savory flavors, and its base is fresh corn kernels from the cob. These are then combined with tomatoes, onions and spices, then mixed in with crawfish, tasso, bacon or sausage to add flavor and protein. LSU fans find there there's no better way to watch an LSU game than with a flavorful plate of all the Cajun classics.

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5. Gator

Part of the LSU tailgating experience is the tradition of "cooking the enemy," which means making some version of the opposing football team's mascot. This isn't always possible in the literal sense- after all, Alabama's mascot is an elephant. But when the LSU Tigers go up against the Florida Gators, LSU fans take their traditions seriously. The gator served at these games can be fried or grilled depending on preferences.

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6. Spicy Chicken Wings

Chicken wings are a classic tailgate food no matter which team you cheer for. At an LSU tailgate, all the dishes get a Southern, Louisiana twist, so the chicken wings are delightfully spicy. These wings are seasoned with a Cajun spice mix and then tossed in Louisiana hot sauce. Enjoy a Cajun twist on a gameday classic.

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7. Muffuletta Sandwich

A Muffuletta Sandwich is ideal as a make-ahead tailgate option and a delicious LSU tailgating recipe. This Southern sandwich is made with olive salad, cheese and deli meat on Italian-style bread. The Italian meats popular in the sandwich are capitol, salami and mortadella. However, like many LSU tailgating recipes, this can be adapted to fit your favorite flavors.

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8. Boudin

Boudin is a Cajun sausage made of pork meat and rice, along with seasonings and veggies. It's all fit into a natural pork casing, with you can choose to eat or not. Most tailgaters don't make their own boudin, but grill premade sausages as a snack before the game. For those looking to make recipe with boudin, some go for boudin balls, while the dip-loving will make boudin dip. This creamy dip involves boudin, cream cheese, sour cream, and pepper jack cheese, and it's the perfect destination for your chips and crackers as you hype up for the game.

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