Riley Strain's Stepfather Feels Frustrated by Search Efforts: "It's Not Going to Be Fast Enough”
Photo via Chris Dingman on Facebook

Riley Strain's Family Considers Foul Play A Real Possiblity

"We are just looking for that next little clue that gives us an idea of what happened when he went missing," said stepfather Chris Whiteid. Whiteid also raised concerns about Strain's fraternity. He said he wished they played a more active role in the search for Riley. He said, "They were the last ones to see Riley, and we'd love to have pictures or anything like that they'd be willing to share."

Strain went missing after leaving Luke Bryan's 32 Bridge Bar. A river worker found his body nearly two weeks later. Strain was missing his pants, shoes, and wallet. "It is unusual. Normally, if you fall in the river it's very difficult to get your pants off," forensics expert Dr. Bill Bass said. Other experts have disagreed.

Whiteid agreed, "You're certain he was wearing a belt. Yeah, he was thin. If he wasn't wearing a belt, his pants would have been down around his knees when he was shown running."

Riley Strain's Family Friend Speaks Out

Meanwhile, Chris Dingman, a family friend of Strain's, has expressed his frustration with both the police and Strain's fraternity brothers.

In a lengthy Facebook post, Dingman blasted the police. He wrote, "The latest police interview posted says not to listen to all the social media stories, 'they know what happened, and they cannot tell the family the full story until the Toxicology comes back.' Ironically during the police interview, he stated nothing about the eye witness, that his own detective interviewed on Monday, stating seeing Riley walk past the last known location the police have determined to be the accident scene."

Likewise, Dingman didn't have kind words for Strain's fraternity either.

He wrote, "I just wish the campus vigil, small church service in Columbia for the Fraternity brothers organized by the Greek Council and photo opt efforts would have been matched the night Riley went missing. The Sat after Riley went missing before the formal event that night. And @ the bare minimum Sunday morning before getting on the bus to come home without their brother. If those efforts would have been made, there is a good chance this wouldn't even be a Facebook group and we would have never had the opportunity for the world to know what an excellent young man Riley Strain is and was."