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Pineapple Christmas Trees Are This Season's Hottest New Holiday Decoration

Now this is a holiday trend us Southerners can get behind. Every year it barely feels like Christmas and more than once I have spent the holidays in shorts and a t-shirt. And not that I'm complaining too much, I've come to the conclusion that our Christmas celebrations and holiday decor are very different than those in the snow-driven North.

And because of that, I am absolutely living for the tropical vibe of these pineapple Christmas trees. You may have seen these cute Christmas pineapples popping up on your Pinterest and Instagram feed, making this the biggest Christmas tree trend so far this year.

Our pineapple Christmas tree in the process and a trial run for props for my clients holiday mini sessions!

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There's no right or wrong way to decorate your pineapple tree this holiday season. Whether you use the entire pineapple or just the top, this new Christmas tree will be the talk of the season.

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One of the reasons I love these pineapple holiday trees so much is how perfect they are for small spaces.

Place your pineapple tree on a decorative plate in the living room and you're done!

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A traditional tree has nothing on these tropical fruit decorations. Plus it's a whole lot cheaper than a real tree and you can eat it! It's a win-win-win.

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This year take inspiration from a little piece of Hawaii and give your Christmas decorations a tropical face-lift.

And don't worry if pineapples aren't your thing-you can always decorate your real tree with pineapple ornaments to keep with this year's hottest Christmas tree trend.

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