Promotional portrait of American actor George C. Scott (1927- 1999) saluting before an American flag for the film 'Patton,' directed by Franklin Schaffner (1920 - 1989), 1970
20th Century Fox/Courtesy of Getty Images)

The 15 Best Patriotic Movies To Celebrate The 4th of July

Get inspired by some of the most important moments in American history.

The Fourth of July is the perfect time to celebrate the United States of America with family and friends. Whether that means having a backyard barbecue or shooting off fireworks, there are plenty of ways to celebrate our country and the men and women who have served to give us our freedom.

In honor of our nation's holiday, we've rounded up the best patriotic movies to enjoy after all of the festivities wind down. You'll relive some of the most important moments in our nation's history or just feel inspired in general to be an American.

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