These Hilarious Christmas Ornaments Are Perfect for Foodies

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I love novelty ornaments. Not every single ornament on the tree has to be red, green, or Santa-themed. One of my favorite ornaments on my tree is my taco ornament! The Old World Christmas food ornaments are unique, funny, and make perfect gifts for foodies.

If you've always wanted to add interesting ornaments to your tree, here's your chance. However, I love the idea of a food-themed Christmas tree, especially if you'd like a tabletop tree for your kitchen or home office.

My Favorite Old World Christmas Food Ornaments

I rounded up my Old World Christmas ornaments to share with y'all! Here are five favorites I picked out for the holiday season. These Christmas tree ornaments are great gifts for restaurants and coffee shops with Christmas trees!

1. Old World Christmas Ice Cream Ornament

This glass ornament is too cute (and honestly looks delicious). This Christmas decoration is perfect for ice cream lovers. I'm obsessed with Braum's ice cream, so to no surprise, this ornament is on my tree.

2. Old World Christmas Taco

Food & drink ornaments are the way to go for all kinds of food lovers. Who doesn't like tacos? With all the various options you can choose (including vegan), I don't see how this taco wouldn't be a hit this year!

3. Old World Christmas Avocado

Where are my avocado toast and guacamole lovers? Here's the perfect ornament for us.

4. Old World Christmas Chili Pepper

Now I'm craving homemade hot sauce.

5. Old World Christmas Beer Keg

Reminds me of the good ol' days.

Overall, I love all of these ornaments. They are well designed, and I love the addition of glitter. They definitely add sparkle (and humor) to my tree!

More foodie ornaments:

The egg ornament, bowl of mac, baked potato ornament, and peanut butter ornaments are so silly, but I love them!

I love the coffee ornament, I might gift my favorite barista that one, and I'll definitely add the hot sauce bottle ornament to my bestie's Christmas stocking this year.