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$24 Electric Ladder Lets Santa Climb up Christmas Trees as He Sings

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Here comes Santa Claus, here comes Santa Claus... right up to the Christmas tree? Dang Santa, how are you so quick on the ladder after all of these years!? Look at him go! I seriously can't stop watching videos of Santa climbing electric ladders.

I love my Santa figurines, but this holiday decoration is too cool. I can't wait to order one and place it by the Christmas tree. Grab this electric Christmas figurine to entertain the kiddos all holiday season long. Santa Claus climbing on the ladder will be one of their favorite parts about Christmas.

A/A Electric Climbing Santa, Christmas Creative Decoration with Music

  • Pricing: $23.99
  • In stock at Amazon
  • Xmas outdoor decoration
  • Home decor for home office or living room

The Christmas decoration is easy to use. Just place two AA batteries in the Santa Claus Christmas piece to watch Santa climb up and down the red ladder! He's also a musical Santa. That's right, this adorable Santa Claus doll sings.

This is a fantastic holiday decor addition to your living room. Place the high-quality electric climbing ladder next to your tree for a festive scene to see every time you walk into your living room.

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Mr. Christmas Super Climbing Santa Holiday Decor

  • Great Christmas gift
  • AC adapter to operate climbs up and down feature
  • Attaches to tree with included arm and clamp or lean against wall

You can also find a similar ladder Christmas decoration from Mr. Christmas. This Santa Claus carries a string of led lights and has a toy bag that sings 15 Christmas carols. Don't worry, the volume control allows you to enjoy with or without music. We all know tunes can get a little old after a while.

You can even buy the Santa and Elf combination. It looks like one of Santa's little helpers got caught in the Christmas tree! The animated kicking elf legs are hilarious!

Visit Amazon for more Christmas decor. You'll find an adorable inflatable lawn snowman the entire neighborhood will love, Christmas ornaments, and more cute Christmas tree decorations.

Merry Christmas, y'all!

This post was originally published on November 12, 2020.