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TV Westerns Are Enjoying a Resurgence — Here Are 10 More Every 'Yellowstone' Fan Should Watch

The television Western has never really gone out of style, but thanks to the enormous popularity of Yellowstone — and its creator Taylor Sheridan's seemingly endless slate of Dutton family saga spinoffs — the beloved genre has been enjoying a bit of a resurgence.

Toss in the ballooning streaming market — allowing TV fans to consume their favorite series anywhere, anytime, on a variety of platforms — and the Western (as well as its various sub-genres) not only has its biggest audience but also has more ways than ever to reach it.

Just last year, for example, the excellent Joe Pickett landed on Paramount+, while the Walker reboot stirred things up on The CW. Of course, the very tail end of 2021 also invited Yellowstone's faithful following to dig into the Dutton clan's gritty, Oregon Trail-crossing origin story 1883, also on Paramount+.

If you're reading this, though, there's a very good chance you've not only devoured all these aforementioned series but also are ravenously awaiting your next big sky binge. Thankfully, this year gave us a bounty of new reasons to sit back, hit the play button and discover our new favorite Western.

1883 (Paramount+)

Isabel May as Elsa of the Paramount+ original series 1883

Photo Credit: Emerson Miller/Paramount+ (C) 2022 MTV Entertainment Studios

This one's a bit of a cheat, as it technically premiered in late December 2021. But given that the Dutton origin story is so damn good — and nine of its 10 episodes aired in 2022 — we're willing to bend the rules a bit. 1883 features fantastic performances from Faith Hill, Tim McGraw and Sam Elliott. But its standout star is Isabel May, who steals the show as Elsa Dutton, a young woman coming of age during a stunningly beautiful but tragically brutal trek across the Great Plains.

Watch on Paramount+.

That Dirty Black Bag (AMC+)

Dominic Cooper as Arthur McCoy, Justin Korovkin as Jesse - That Dirty Black Bag _ Season 1, Episode 1

Photo Credit: Stefano C. Montesi/AMC+

Many of today's Westerns tweak the familiar formula, delivering fresh takes within sub-genres, such as revisionist and neo-Westerns. We adore these original approaches, but we also appreciate a good old-fashioned spaghetti Western, complete with clear-cut good guys, bad guys and plenty of flying bullets. Led by the excellent Dominic Cooper, That Dirty Black Bag delivers all that and then some, including a welcome dose of dark humor and, of course, the titular decapitated-head hauling sack.

Watch on AMC+ (also available with Prime Video add-on.)

Billy the Kid (Epix)

still of Billy the Kid on a horse from upcoming series "Billy the Kid"


This deep dive into the life of the infamous outlaw admittedly takes some time to hit its stride, but stick with it and you'll find it's worth the ride. Billy the Kid packs all the expected hot lead-slinging action and rootin' tootin' antics. But it stands out for its laser focus on the legendary gunfighter's life, from his formative years to his later exploits during the Lincoln County War.

Watch on Epix (also available with Prime Video add-on.)

Outer Range (Prime Video)

Outer Range

Richard Foreman/ Prime Video

A fiercely loyal family man fighting to protect his ranch, Outer Range protagonist Royal Abbott (Josh Brolin) could almost be mistaken for John Dutton. Well, until you factor in the massive, mysterious void that's opened on his land. If you like your Westerns with a side of science fiction, this twisty, compelling yarn is worth a weekend binge. The mysterious Western is returning for a second season.

Watch on Prime Video.

Dark Winds (AMC+)

Zahn McClarnon as Joe Leaphorn - Dark Winds _ Season 1, Episode 4

Photo Credit: Michael Moriatis/Stalwart Productions/AMC

The very talented Zahn McClarnon has been stealing scenes in supporting roles (Longmire, Fargo, Westworld) for years, so it's no surprise he more than holds his own as the lead in the riveting psychological thriller Dark Winds. As a Navajo Tribal police lieutenant — based on author Tony Hillerman's popular Joe Leaphorn character — McClarnon delivers a compelling performance that's capably supported by an equally absorbing tale.

Watch on AMC+ (also available with Prime Video add-on).

1923 (Paramount+)

James Badge Dale as John Dutton Sr. and Harrison Ford as Jacob Dutton of the Paramount+ series 1923

Emerson Miller/Paramount+

Sheridan's latest Yellowstone spinoff/prequel, 1923, is worth watching for the chemistry between its movie-star caliber lead characters. But while you'll come for Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren in Western attire, you'll stick around for this 1883 sequel's dynamic family drama, gritty Prohibition-era storytelling and, of course, a good bit of brutal frontier justice.

Watch on Paramount+.

The English (Prime Video)

Chaske Spencer and Emily Blunt in The English (2022)

Diego Lopez Calvin/Prime Video

Packed with eye-popping cinematography and mind-bending mysteries, this Emily Blunt-led revisionist Western spins a refreshing tale of revenge on the American frontier. The English's incredibly nuanced performances and emotional depth — courtesy of the unlikely bond between Blunt's British aristocrat Cornelia Locke and ex-cavalry scout/Pawnee native Eli Whipp (Chaske Spencer) — collide with brutal violence, a colorful cast of baddies and plenty of plot twists in this engrossing yarn.

Watch on Prime Video.

Walker: Independence (The CW)

Walker Independence —

Anna Kooris/The CW — © 2022 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Taking a cue from Sheridan's prolific playbook, Walker: Independence serves as both a spinoff and Old West prequel to the popular Walker, itself a reboot of the Chuck Norris-starring classic Walker, Texas Ranger. Better than the series that spawned it, Independence smartly forgoes a male lead for layered protagonist Abby Walker (Katherine McNamara), a wealthy widow thrust into a dangerous, vengeance-fueled hunt for her husband's murderer in 1800s Texas.

Watch on The CW.

Into the Wild Frontier (Peacock)

Into the Wild Frontier

INSP/ Into the Wild Frontier

The most family-friendly entry on our list comes from Western-focused cable network INSP, home of 2020's excellent Wild West Chronicles. This follow-up to that popular docudrama similarly mixes education and entertainment, but this time tackles the real-life tales of pioneer legends such as Daniel Boone, Jedediah Smith, Lewis and Clark, and more. Even if you're not the biggest history buff, Into the Wild Frontier packs enough action and drama across eight episodes to hook any fan of the genre.

Watch on Peacock.

Tulsa King (Paramount+)

Sylvester Stallone as Dwight "The General" Manfredi of the Paramount+ original series TULSA KING

Brian Douglas/Paramount+

Sylvester Stallone's first starring TV role isn't technically in a Western but more of a crime drama about a mafia capo forced to set up shop in the titular city. Still, Tulsa King easily earns an honorable mention, as it comes from Sheridan, takes place in Oklahoma and features Dana Delany as a horse farm owner. All that, and it's a ton of fun watching the former action hero ham it up in a fish-out-of-water role he's clearly having a blast with.

Watch on Paramount+.

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