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Natalie Maines Jokes That it Would be a 'Love Fest' if She Saw George W. Bush Today

Singer Natalie Maines' 2003 comments onstage in London about then President George W. Bush, stating that The Chicks' (formerly the Dixie Chicks) were "ashamed the president of the United States is from Texas," shifted the trio's career in a major way. But during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live, Maines told host Andy Cohen that the Trump administration has made her rethink her stance on President Bush.

When asked about the backlash Ellen Degeneres received when she sat next to George W. Bush at a Dallas Cowboys game, Natalie Maines joked that, because of her feelings toward Donald Trump, she might have a more welcome response toward President Bush.

"I joke that today I might actually make out with George Bush," Maines said, laughing.

Maines explained that she stands by her 2003 statement.

"I don't rethink that I didn't want to go to war and that weapons of mass destruction were a lie, but yes, it would be a huge love fest if I saw George Bush right now because of where we're at with this current president," Maines said.

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The trio said that while they haven't encountered former President Bush since the controversy, members of the group have met him before.

Martie Maguire said she and her sister and fellow bandmate Emily Strayer (formerly Emily Robison) used to see former President Bush at Texas Rangers games.

"Emily and I used to go sing the National Anthem at Rangers games and he had a box in the front and we would be all friendly and say 'hey'," Maguire said.

The Chicks song "Not Ready To Make Nice" addresses the response to the George W. Bush controversy. Following the comments, many country radio stations around the U.S stopped playing the popular trio's music.

The Chicks recently released their new album Gaslighter, their first studio album since 2006's Taking the Long Way. Shortly before the release of the album, the trio dropped 'Dixie' from their name. Their former name is a nod to the Little Feat song "Dixie Chicken."

Last year, The Chicks appeared on Taylor Swift's song "Soon You'll Get Better."

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