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Taylor Swift Releases Surprise Album 'Folklore,' Shares New Video for 'Cardigan'


Rumors of Taylor Swift returning to country music have been swirling for years, and while her new album Folklore isn't likely to receive airplay on country radio, it is the indie-folk/ Americana record many fans of country-era Swift's 2012 album Red have been craving.

Swift wrote the stunning 16-song collection (17 with bonus track "The Lakes") during quarantine, but the surprise album wasn't announced until the day before its July 24 release. The pop superstar collaborated with The National's Aaron Dessner, who co-wrote 11 tracks with Swift, and Jack Antonoff.

Along with the album, Swift dropped a new video for Folklore track "Cardigan." The surreal video, which you can view above, finds the music superstar traveling from a cozy cabin through an eerie dreamscape.


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In an interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music, Aaron Dessner discussed working with the singer-songwriter.

"It was a very surreal moment when she first contacted me, because we'd met before, twice in the past, mutual kind of admiration. I knew she was a fan and we've always been fans of hers. But it was sort of like she reached out and said, "Would you ever be able to... or be interested in working on songs together?" And I was like, "Sure. Like, wow." And then we just started to bounce around ideas. I just sort of mentioned, well, I'm always writing music and I have a lot... I've been in this quarantine just kind of like... that's been my outlet. I'm fortunate to be stuck somewhere where there's a beautiful recording studio at home," Desser said. "And so I sent her a folder and it just kind of was crazy instant chemistry. And she's really just one of the most hardworking, sharp, focused, talented people I've ever encountered. So like when she had an idea, it was kind of magic and came very quickly."

Folklore is Swift's eighth studio album. She released her previous album Lover, featuring The Chicks collaboration "Soon You'll Get Better," last year.

Eight different collector editions of Folklore are available on Swift's website for a limited time.

'Folklore' Tracklist:

  1. the 1
  2. cardigan
  3. the last great american dynasty
  4. exile (feat. Bon Iver)
  5. my tears ricochet
  6. mirrorball
  7. seven
  8. august
  9. this is me trying
  10. illicit affairs
  11. invisible string
  12. mad woman
  13. epiphany
  14. betty
  15. peace
  16. hoax

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