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Give Your Home Some Country Flare With These Mason Jar Lanterns

As far as home decor goes, it doesn't get more country than the soft glow of rustic Mason Jar Lanterns hanging from your wall. Hanging Mason jar lanterns are a fun way to cozy up your outdoor spaces on a fall night, make your Halloween decorations both cute AND spooky, or give your Christmas decorations a fun country twist with tea light candles illuminating these glass lanterns. One of the reasons this craft idea is so great is because mason jar lanterns are both stylish and fun as indoor and outdoor lighting.

Mason jar decorations are one of the most popular DIY projects out there, but thankfully DIY mason jar lanterns don't have to be as much work as they seem. You can start entirely from scratch or if you don't feel like putting a ton of mental effort, and time into your mason jar crafts (not everyone has the free time to run to the craft store and make hanging mason jar decorations start to finish, after all) you can buy kits with mason jar lantern ideas and instructions. They could also make good birthday or Christmas gifts for your friends and family.

For example, these unique mason jar lights are handcrafted and stained in espresso to capture the essence of true rust. They are currently unavailable but you could definitely DIY something similar.

If you want to make these glass jars shine from the inside out, you can add lights to your order. Or you can get super and turn these mason jar light fixtures into flower pots, candleholders, and more. Decorate your home with a set of two lanterns for under $30. Total bargain!

Anyone can get some globe string lights at their hardware store and put them up. And sure, they're cool, but why not take your rustic light game to the next level instead? DIY mason jar lights could be the difference between a space being just kind of cool and downright jaw-dropping luminaries.

Here's an easy tutorial from YouTube that will help you light up your home with these fun lanterns in no time. It definitely doesn't take an overly crafty person to be able to master this DIY. The twine and fairy lights are so affordable to grab at the dollar store and will add a fun boho touch to your existing wall decor.

This post was originally published on June 29, 2017.




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