Maren Morris Gets Her Own Holiday in Arlington, Texas

Dec. 27 has a new meaning in Arlington, Texas. The city's Mayor has officially declared it Maren Morris day.

The "My Church" singer took to Instagram with the good news, sharing all the details in the picture's caption.

"I had the honor of being given a city proclamation by the mayor of Arlington which states today, December 27th, is Maren Morris day!" she wrote. "I received my plaque at my parent's salon which was so cool!"

Morris has been having an incredible 2016, and 2017 is looking pretty good too. Her critically-acclaimed album Hero debuted at the top of the Billboard's Top Country Album chart. She also won New Artist of the Year at the Country Music Awards, racked up four Grammy nominations, and made her first appearance on Saturday Night Live.

She's also spent a chunk of the year on tour with Keith Urban. In February, she'll kick off her very own headlining tour in February. Most dates are selling out quickly.

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Maren Morris Gets Her Own Holiday in Arlington, Texas