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Macaulay Culkin Gets Emotional as 'Home Alone' Mom Catherine O'Hara Honors Him at Hollywood Walk of Fame

It was an emotional "Home Alone" reunion

Actor Macaulay Culkin was honored with his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Friday, December 1. The ceremony to celebrate the achievement featured kind words from Culkin's family and co-stars, and one of the sweetest moments came from Catherine O'Hara, who played his onscreen mom, Kate McAllister, in the classic Christmas film, "Home Alone.

O'Hara took to the platform calling Culkin "darling baby," before reminiscing about her time with him on the set of "Home Alone." The actress called the movie a "beloved global sensation" and credited Culkin — a then "beautiful, dear 10-year-old boy" — for the ongoing success of the film.

"The reason families all over the world can't let a year go by without watching and loving 'Home Alone' together is because of Macaulay Culkin," she says. "Yes, he had a most excellent script and a wonderful director, but it is Macaulay's perfect performance as Kevin McAllister that gave us that little every boy on an extraordinary adventure."

O'Hara added that Culkin made acting look like "the most natural thing in the world to do."

"It really was as if we had ambushed the home of this real little boy named Kevin to make a movie, and he just went along with for the fun of it," she said, as Culkin began to tear up. "He's the dearest thing."

The actress continued looking back on their time shooting the movie, saying that she had trouble delivering one line — the one in which she admonishes Kevin for saying he wishes he didn't have a family. She also touched on Culkin's skyrocketing fame after the release of "Home Alone," saying it takes a special person with a keen sense of humor to come out on the other side of child fame unscathed.

"Your sense of humor. It's a sign of intelligence in a child and a key to surviving life at any age," she says. "From what I see, you have brought that sense of sweet, yet twisted, yet totally relatable sense of humor to everything that you have chosen to do since 'Home Alone.'"

Culkin's emotions flowed as O'Hara finished her speech, and the two shared a hug as the actress left the stage.

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