The 'Home Alone' House + 5 More Christmas Movie Locations You Can Visit


Some of the beautiful houses in your favorite holiday films were actually staged on a movie set. Unfortunately, the homes in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, Christmas in Connecticut, and Meet Me In St. Louis, were all Hollywood backlots. But some of the homes from other classic Christmas films took place in actual houses that you can visit (or drive-by) today!

Home Alone was and is a cherished Christmas classic that somehow manages to never get old year after year. In addition to the stunning house featured in the film, we've rounded up a few more filming locations from some of the other best holiday season movies that you can actually see in real life.

1. The McCallister Family Home - Home Alone

Is there anything better than Home Alone to get you laughing during the holidays? The classic John Hughes film follows young Kevin McCallister, who is accidentally left at his home in Chicago, Illinois when his family goes on vacation to Paris. Macaulay Culkin became an instant child star playing the mischievous youngster who has to protect his stunning red brick Georgian home from burglars, Harry and Marv (Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern). Director Chris Columbus created a magical Christmas movie that is full of heart as well as comedy, which is why it is still so beloved by audiences years later. 

The Home Alone house is located here: 671 Lincoln Avenue, Winnetka, IL 60093.


2. The Plaza Hotel - Home Alone 2: Lost In New York

Okay sure, it's not a house, but you have to include the Plaza! Home Alone's sequel is equally great with the wet bandits, Harry and Marv, back as "the sticky bandits." They find themselves face to face with their old nemesis, Kevin, who got on the wrong plane and found himself in New York City while his family headed to Miami. Kevin hits the toy stores, hotel swimming pool, and finally brings down Harry and Marv in this timeless Disney film. Though both films were hits at the box office in the '90s, the additional hotel staff in the sequel make it extra memorable. The movie really did film inside the historic hotel with a cameo from owner Donald Trump himself. 

The Plaza is located here: 768 5th Ave, New York, NY 10019

3. Susan's Dream Home - Miracle on 34th Street

There's nothing like the original Miracle on 34th Street to get you in the mood for Christmas. The story of a department store Santa Claus being the real deal and helping a mother and daughter believe again is timeless and moving. A young Natalie Wood plays the daughter, Susan, and it's impossible not to tear up when Santa grants her Christmas wish at the end and they find the house of her dreams in real life.

The real house is located here: 24 Derby Rd, Port Washington, NY 11050


4. The Parker Family Home - A Christmas Story

The story of young Ralphie wanting his BB gun while dealing with school bullies, shenanigans at home, and a mall Santa has become a classic over the years. Families look forward to the holiday comedy airing on television each season so they can get a glimpse of the Old Man's leg lamp and laugh at the entire Parker family's relatable holiday drama. The Ohio family home has since been turned into a museum so you can walk in and experience all of the magic from the beloved film.

The real house is located here: 3159 W 11th St, Cleveland, OH 44109

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5. Rosehill Cottage - The Holiday

The one and only Nancy Meyers (who basically makes Hallmark movies for Hollywood) needs to make another Christmas movie. The Holiday stars Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet as two women unlucky with love and needing a change over the holidays. They switch homes and lives, with Diaz moving to Winslet's little cottage in Surrey, England and Winslet moving to her massive mansion in Los Angeles. Obviously, they end up finding love and themselves through the experience while making new friends along the way. Though the outdoor setup of the fictional Rosehill Cottage was staged, it was based on Honeysuckle Cottage, which is a very real place.


Honeysuckle Cottage is located here: Holmbury St Mary, Dorking RH5 6NP, UK

6. The Stone Family Home - The Family Stone

The Family Stone is another classic holiday film that perfectly captures the stress in a family over the busy season. Sarah Jessica Parker stars as the girlfriend that Dermot Mulroney brings home for Christmas to meet his parents, played by Diane Keaton and Craig T. Nelson. Things get a little crazy when all of the adult siblings are in the mix, but eventually, everyone comes together for the perfect Christmas. It's full of heart and will make you laugh and cry as you watch the family come together on screen. The stunning white house was the perfect location to represent the Stone family's home, and luckily it was a real house that you can drive up in Connecticut. Apparently, the snow featured in the film was is Connecticut after all!

The real house is located here: 144 Riverside Ave, Riverside, CT 06878

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