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Blake Shelton Cracks Up as Pal Carson Daly 'Roasts' Him at Hollywood Walk of Fame


Blake Shelton received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Friday, May 12, and while the day included many heartfelt speeches and toasts from Shelton's family and friends, including Gwen Stefani and Adam Levine. The Voice host Carson Daly also spoke, and he took it upon himself to infuse some humor into the day. Daly made his intentions clear for his speech upon taking the stage as he said, "There's been so much toasting, so little roasting. We'll see if we can change that."

He then launched into a hilariously crafted, slightly irreverent speech to honor his longtime friend, Shelton. The good-natured fun began when Daly pointed out the irony of Shelton receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame when he "does not live here or even like it here."

"After today, I assure you Blake will never see this star again," Daly joked. "In fact, as soon as he leave you can probably dig it up and regift it to Blake Lively."

The jokes kept coming from there, as Daly recalls taking Shelton to a Bass Pro Shops outside of Los Angeles so he could feel at home again. Daly also went back into the history of their friendship, remembering when he met him 2010 when Shelton was hired as a coach on The Voice "after every other country singer said no." He also poked fun at the show itself, saying, "Somehow Blake would go on to become the biggest, and weirdly, only breakout star from The Voice."


Daly also remarked on the most important thing to come out of Shelton's time on The Voice: his relationship with wife Stefani. Of course, he couldn't let that topic go by without a few well-meaning jabs.

"Blake dating Gwen was hard for many of us to believe," Daly said. "She fronted a ska band in Orange County and Blake wrote a song called 'Hillbilly Bone.' Gwen was able to resist this 'Hillbilly Bone,' and the rest is history."

Daly continued on with the hilarious speech, telling jokes about Shelton's country style, his songwriting and more. He even read the lyrics to Shelton's 2017 song "I Lived It" to poke fun at the singer's quintessentially country lyrics. He ended with a slightly more heartfelt statement to honor his friend.

"Blake, you are nearly illiterate, but we love you, I love you, America loves you, and whether you like it or not, Hollywood loves you," Daly said. "Today we immortalize your name in pavement on the Walk of Fame. Congratulations, pal."


Watch Daly's full speech at Shelton's Walk of Fame induction below (around the :30-minute mark):

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